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After Bo Xilai is fired, asia's longest timber bridge in Chongqing is destroyed in fire

4 December 2013

This was Asia's longest timber bridge that used to stride across Apeng River at ancient Zuoshui Town in great Chongqing metropolitan. The traditional Chinese veranda style structure, measured 303m long and 5m in width, was fully covered on the top, with a three-storey terrace pavilion in the middle like a summit on a sprawling hill.

Left: The veranda at the two flanks of the pavilion had lattice-patterned windows on the both sides that could be fully closed during raining or windy days, allowing these parts of bridge to facilitate indoor community activities while still having a panorama view of the river.

Right: A bridge approach with benches against balustrades for passengers to take a rest and view the enchanting landscape.

Left: While the bridge piers are concrete-based, the structure on the bridge was entirely built with the conventional materials of timber and tiles, as the original bridge did. The joints used the traditional mortise and tenon connection which gave the system an effective earthquake resistant strength in this quake prone region.

Right: The restoration of an ancient Chinese architectural wonder would not be able to complete three years ago if Bo Xilai were not the mayor of Chongqing. It was due to his aspiration of reviving Chinese culture and his enthusiastic support of the project that the dream of restoring the bridge to its former glory became true, which greatly benefited an isolated and poor ethnic town of Tu people as the bridge played a pivotal role in developing the ancient settlement into a popular tourist destination.

Left: A gateway to the bridge, which to many also symbolised the entrance to a better China via Bo Xilai's Chongqing model.

Right: A brazed gateway late last week, which to some is a sign that after Bo Xilai was imprisoned by Xi Jinping regime, a corrupted Monsanto ally has crushed local residents' dream of a magnificent Chongqing, and further has ruined Chinese people's hope to achieve China resurrection through Chongqing-style socialism and shared prosperity.

The bridge to China resurrection under Xi Jinping-Li Keqiang administration was gone in the blaze ....

The hellish inferno, derived from Xi Jinping's personal power dream, Li Keqiang's personal trans-racial dream, Wang Qishan's Chinese Gestapo dream, Wang Yang's Cinderella dream, Sun Zhengcai's brand watch collection dream, corrupted officials' state-enterprise privatisation dream, dodge businessmen's unbraided free market dream, GMO multinational's land acquisition via urbanisation dream, global financial elites' single government's world rule through China subjugation dream, emerged in the darkest hours of the day and violently devoured an icon of link to bridge the rich and the poor without social turmoil.

A sorrowful sight of what has left in China Dream from a destructive glow of light.

But the Chongqing police under the leadership of a mafia-head-like thug He Ting, another corrupted brand-watch collector, grinned happily at the scene of destruction. Probably to them it is just another satisfactory result of a forced demolition under the request of ultra rich property developers who always bestow tips generously for their militant service.

Yet the memory of Bo Xilai's legacy will endure. Now since Xi Jinping's illusive China Dream is broken, it shall be the time for Bo Xilai's solid China aspiration to take over. The moment when yin reaches its peak, the time for yang to grow begins.


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