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A bridge from China to the moon is establishing

2 December 2013

At Beijing time 2.17am, December 2, China has successfully launched Chang'e 3, a moon probe, in Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

Chang'es are a series of moon probes named after a mythic figure Lady Chang'e (嫦娥) who fled to the moon in her attempt to break up an unsatisfactory marriage with Houyi (后羿), a tough warrior who bullied around in the universe and killed 90 percent of the star populations in the solar system.

The third incarnation of Chang'e probe will land on the surface of the moon in the mid of this month in preparation for the manned (and womanned) moon-landing mission that is expected to take place ... before long.

China announced its space discovery identification zone in the universe and silently invited NASA to help her informing the world where the border of the new SDIZ is. Will Obama take the new challenge?

Complete Launching Footage: Chang'e -3 'Jade Rabbit' lunar Landing mission

posted by June Maher on Youtube

A bridge in Chongqing City has been destroyed

While China is able to build a bridge from the Earth to the moon, it is somehow unable to protect a bridge within a city. Asia's longest timber bridge was burned down last Thursday. The bridge was built hundreds years ago but underwent a thorough maintenance repairer just 3 years ago under Bo Xilai administration, yet this three-storey terrace-style architectural wonder has been almost totally lost in the hand of new Chongqing mayor Sun Zhengcai, a man notorious for forced demolition of private homes, only one year after he took over the mayor's job.






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