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Zhang Ziyi Won Court battle in the US against Falun Gong Website

19 December 2013

Chinese government's mouthpiece Xinhua News Agency gloated yesterday over a court case in the US won by one of China's top movie stars Zhang Ziyi against an US-based online news site, hailing it as a victory of Chinese against the West media. Its tone shows a clear attempt to warn some US newspapers engaged in dispute with Xi Jinping government, namely New York Times and Bloomberg.

True, it's very encouraging for some Chinese individuals who found themselves at the receiving end of unfavourable allegations delivered by West media. Last year, China's Foreign Ministry was forced to issue a public statement on the defence of then Chinese premier Wen Jiabao that His Excellency's lawyers would file a law suit against the New York Times. However, more than a year has passed, even "the trial of the century" - the botched court hearing and sentencing of Bo Xilai - has concluded, Wen Jiabao's lawyers still haven't got their paper ready.

What prevented Wen pack to start the legal process? Maybe because they realised they'll have to face an US court instead of a Chinese one located in Anhui or Shandong controlled by He Guoqiang or Wang Qishan. If this is the case, then Zhang Ziyi's victory no doubt should have boosted their confidence tremendously.

So, hey, come on, guys, don't let people mistakenly think you are really guilty of what you're accused of, as it will certainly do if you just use state power to drive Mr Barboza and his colleagues out of China! Please prove your innocence to the world before an US judge like Zhang Ziyi did.

Same can be said about Thomas Friedman's "Dear President of China", Dr. Xi Jinping. As someone with a PhD in law, whether its quality is questionable or not, Mr Xi should exhibit more confidence in playing legal games anywhere in the world. Sure, he messed things up in Bo Xilai trial, but now it could be his chance to regain his ground.

So, hey, what are you waiting for, "Dear President of China"? You can show the world your brothers and sisters are not corrupted at all! Bringing the Bloomberg to the court is a right way to go for self-respected politician, while sending death threat to the editors and journalists can only make you look like the head of a Chinese mafia syndicate.

Having said that, we think we have a responsibility to put things straight. The so-called "West media" who lost the court battle to Zhang Ziyi is not a conventional US media but a Chinese-language website largely financed and administrated by Falun Gong, a political organization disguised as a religious movement, with its audience mainly confined within the Falun Gong community and their sympathisers. In fact, since these people have an extraordinarily deep pocket, over the years they purchased or partially financed the majority of cash-shy (due to small audience) Chinese-language newspapers and online news portals in the US, and turned these bunch of tiny media outlets into a collective overseas propaganda machine serving political purpose of some certain factions within Chinese government. Therefore Zhang Ziyi's triumphant, after all, is not a legal victory against "West media", as Xinhua News Agency would like to have itself believe, but a victory against Wen Jiabao-Xi Jinping faction, because the real target of Zhang Ziyi vilification is Bo Xilai (Falun Gong websites claimed Zhang Ziyi was paid to sleep with Bo Xilai).

In the past decade, Li Hongzhi, the Falun Gong founder and a Manchu descendent from the former "Manchurian", and his followers, a group of mentally obsessed and emotionally vindictive men and women, have waged endless wars against anyone who had effectively prevented them from developing members in China, with former president Jiang Zemin, former central committee member Zhou Yongkang and former Dalian mayor (one of Falun Gong's major bases in the "Manchurian") as their prime targets. Realising the movement could be a handy weapon in their internal political strugle, some high ranking officials secretly supported this officially banned organization financially. Remember we mentioned Falun Gong clique has a deep than usual pocket? When some fellows in Washington and in Beijing compete with each other to stuff money into Falun Gong's pocket, how can you not to expect its pocket is deeper than hell?

Also, do you recall how a pathetic Spanish court absurdly issued a global wanted list, ordering to bring former Chinese presidents Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao to be tried under Spanish law on the behalf of the former Tibetan surf owners? Why this Europe's most backward and poor nation with a checked history of genocidal conquistador suddenly responded to lamas' request, more than two decades after Hu left Tibetan province, more than a decade after Jiang relinquished his presidential power?

Think about it. Who just climbed onto China's top position? Who recently worked tirelessly in order to consolidate all political, economic and military power into his own hand? Who ruthlessly sentenced a man who is much much and much popular than him into jail indefinitely? And who would benefit from getting his predecessors humiliated, so the pair - the only guys considered to be senior than himself in China - can be psychologically intimidated into submission?


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