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China's Lunar Probe Landed on the Moon later last night

15 December 2013

China's lunar probe touched down on the moon

Chang'e 3, China's first lunar probe, successfully landed on the moon at 9.12pm Beijing time on December 14, making China the third country in the world, after Russia and the US, to have climbed onto the celestial lighthouse.

The location in which Lady Chang'e descended is said to be Rainbow Bay, in the northweast of a water-less Sea of Rains.

The bay, covering a vicinity roughly about 300km long and 100km wide, was formed by meteorites strike. It is an area near north point that the mankind knows nothing about so far. Previously, the manned and unmanned landings by both Russians and Americans concentrated on the region along the lunar equator.

Unlike the "blind landings" in the past, the camping site of Chang'e 3 has been well surveyed by Chang'e 2 which helped the probe to touch down smoothly.

China's moon prober landed on the moon

Posted by May Maher

Landing Footage: Chang'e -3 'Jade Rabbit' lunar Probe Landed on the Moon

It is the first time for a probe to visit the moon since 1976, a year when the Soviet Union launched it's last lunar mission "USSR probe Luna 24" before itself fell flat on the ground after being beaten hollow from inside and outside by its lunar campaign rival, the US; and a year when a palace/military coup master-minded by Deng Xiaoping took place after the death of Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou, followed by Deng becoming the regent of the country.

Chairman Mao once warned his people the danger of seeing China to have its satellites flying onto the sky but its red flag falling in the dirt (卫星上天,红旗落地).

Saidly, it is China's reality now, well, almost.

Will an event occurred in 1976 also revisit China?


彭丽媛:“呃呀,打天下那个坐江山。”----- 坐江山你个头,天下是你们家打的?真要学白头山论血统,坐江山也轮不到你们家掌柜的。不论祖荫论功绩论才能论人品,尸位素餐脑满肠肥的一介衙内何德何能掌十四亿人的乾坤?既然习某的大权并非天授,反对他上位犯了那条滔天大罪?倒是那些罔顾他和赖昌星案的牵连、不管他兄姐贪腐的事实、无视他中国头号裸官的身份举荐他“继大统”的,历史早晚会追究他们的失察之过。

* * *

天水茫茫: 如果2009年开始就追踪薄在重庆的实践及其意义,就知道,在几乎无可调和的公平和效率之间,在资本主义能发展缺公平和社会主义有公平但缺发展的世纪矛盾、人类疑难之间,如果能实践重庆的经济大发展,又能兼顾公平共富,两者结合起来,那么,这个成功,是世界的,世纪的功劳。

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