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Bo Xilai - President Xi Jinping's nightmare that will never go away

9 November 2013

When Bo Xilai talked, everyone flocked to listen, even when he talked in a court as an accused, and the scene as such must have haunted Xi Jinping in his dreams night after night. To be fair, Xi Jinping is a better speaker than current especially the former premiers, Li Keqiang and Wen Jiabao, who seemingly do not have an ability to complete one sentence at a speed that is humanly bearable for listeners.

Now Bo Xilai has been kept in silence behind bars, but Xi Jinping and his gang, in particular the speech-retarded-well-into-old-age and reputation-deficient-to-match-historical-traitors (Qin Kui and Li Hongzhang) Wen and Li, still feel no reason for relief.

The flowers silently displayed in front of Bo Xilai's old residence in Beijing must be loud than blast to the greedy yet coward pack of Xi, Wen and Li.

As online identity 风干的百合 noted: They attempted to destroy Bo Xilai's public image by tricking him into admitting the alleged crimes yet only found they foolishly offered him an opportunity to prove his innocence and by so doing have further attracted more supporters and followers. Now those in authority become panic-stricken and hysterical - a new round smear campaign says it all.

Following are more comments from various online identities:

- Bo Xilai is a true hero who rather to die straight than to live under traitors' mercy. He lost his freedom but he won his place in history.

- Wen Jiabao swore to Heaven that he would lower the housing price, and did so for many many many times during his ten years reign, yet the price kept soaring. While in Chongqing, Bo Xilai made no pledge yet quietly the property price fell dramatically. What do you think a self-important and self-absorbed Wen Jiabao would feel?

- Read the words the authority used in this latest smear campaign, which is like a shrew cursing around on street. Bo Xilai must have scared them to death, even in silence.

- Feeling so scared of a man behind bars, imagine how weak these guys are.

- Bo Xilai, please take care of yourself, you are our true king. We all know you are innocent.

- If the authority take such contentious approach towards the public opinions, why we should tolerant these bunch of arrogant and self-interested liars to occup public office?


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