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President Xi Jinping condemned for his new round smear campaign against Bo Xilai

9 November 2013

There was never a top leader like Xi Jinping deserted by Chinese public in such a short time span (less than a year) after ascending to power in the 64-years of history of the People's Republic of China. He and his team obviously know this dismal fact, which is why the most stringent than ever online censorship measure has been introduced even though it only fuels more blatant offline criticisms that they have no control over, which is why he constantly demands the army officers to confirm their exclusive allegiance to him as if an emotionally insecure woman in panic and despair, and which is why when witnessing helplessly how the support for Bo Xilai keeps growing despite he is locked behind bars while his own reputation is down in the gutter, his spin doctors launched a new round smear campaign against his biggest political threat.

And the outcome of the campaign of the personal attack on Bo Xilai before the Party's annual meeting, known as the third plenum of the 18th CCP central committee?

There is no surprise - the public backlash is swift and forceful. How could anyone ever expect the otherwise? Unless of course he has the same low level of emotional intelligence and the same high level of willful arrogance like Xi Jinping.

Here are some typical online responses to the latest anti-Bo Xilai campaign:

- If Bo Xilai is a bad guy, then there is no good guy left in the CCP, including Xi Jinping himself.

- The authority says the officials must draw lesson from Bo Xilai's mistakes. Yes, all Chinese officials should have realised by now if they do not place Xi Jinping's personal interest ahead of Chinese people, he will be charged for corruption and punished accordingly.

- How brave for the authority to say the persecution of Bo Xilai "won wide support from Party members and Chinese public"? If they indeed believe their own claim, why they are so afraid to let people comment on the news?

- Xi Jinping behaves exactly like Chiang Kai-shek: talking about justice while persecuting his opponents.

- Bo Xilai's crime is of failing to declare his exclusive loyalty to Xi Jinping like what a mafia member would do to the newly appointed godfather.

- Now I'm enlightened about the final truth: whether you are corrupted or not all depends on if you are loyal to Xi Jinping.

- An old man in my village said after watching the trial of Bo Xilai: He worked so hard for thirty years and only allegedly collected 5 million yuans that not even in his pockets. What kind of idiot he must be! He took the risk of getting a capital punishment to let someone's girlfriend own a house overseas, and that someone is not even his friend. Can you find a corrupt official who is so stupid? Whose intelligence the authority and the Jinan judges are insulting? The corrupt officials or the authority and the judges themselves?

Besides, is it a huge crime for a man to slap the face of a subordinate who broke the law and insulted his wife? Xi Jinping and his men have ruthlessly interrogated Bo Xilai that caused him to pass out for 27 times, if Bo Xilai received a life sentence for slapping an official, should Xi Jinping, Wen Jiabao, Li Keqiang, Wang Yang and Wang Qishan all receive a death penalty for psychologically tortured an official into coma? And should their wives also get a death sentence for the death of whoever [Mind, former premier Wen Jiabao and his wife Zhang Peili have already been implicated in several suspicious deaths - Multipletext]? And should their daughters also be called back from the United States to answer the questions related to their study expenses? [A well evidenced allegations regarding former Agricultural Minister Sun Zhengcai's son have already become public knowledge in China]

- Whatever the authority says, the slides will never become a real house! How can you suppose to charge anyone for none existed corruption?

- Look at who is eagerly participating the anti-Bo Xilai campaign: the government of Shaaxi, Xi Jinping's home province, headed by a man from Anhui, Li Keqiang and Wang Yang's townsman. Would you still think this is not a mafia style persecution?

- From now on I would challenge anyone to a duel if he keeps telling me Xi Jinping trying to protect Bo Xilai. Because I hate liars.

- There are so many questions raised by public over both the trials of Bo Xilai and his wife, why we heard no explanation whatsoever from the authority?

- Chinese officials now have learned they must not provide the school children with free daily milk; they must not help the unemployed and low income earners to get an affordable accommodation; they must not make government sponsored television programs free of ads; and they must not penalise US business such as Walmart when they break Chinese laws and hurt local consumers' interest.

- In short, Xi Jinping government will not allow its officials to serve the people since their only duty is to serve their boss Xi Jinping.

- In fact, I quite like such smear campaign as it can keep the pro-Bo Xilai movement in momentum.

- Keep performing, you pack of swindlers.

- Xi Jinping is still not realising he's doomed and his end is near.


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