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Bo Xilai supporters Uproar over Government's Hijack of public opinion

9 November 2013

Despite the various surveys consistently show that over 80 to 90 percent of people view Bo Xilai as the least corrupted official and regard the trial as political persecution, in the latest smear campaign against Bo Xilai, Xi Jinping government claimed that the persecution of his imaginary political challenger won wide support from the public. It is this statement that has angered a great number of people in the Chinese community.

Below are some typical comments from weibo:

- I personally saw the result of three surveys. The supporters for government's persecution of Bo Xilai vs those who oppose to the trial and sentence are 1:10, which means the anti-Bo Xilai campaign only won support from 10 percent of people in Chinese society, [of which many might be corrupted officials, crooked businessmen, members of criminal gangs or their associates, even the foot solders of the cyber armies from the US, Taiwan Province or Japan.]

- By persecuting an uncorrupted official, Xi Jinping government won whole hearted support from the corrupted officials.

- A newspaper said Bo Xilai will fade from public view after a while. That unscrupulous boss of the newspaper is dreaming. People's admiration for him will only grow stronger while the anger towards the traitors keep accumulating when time passes by. We have made mental notice of who did what, and when time comes the debt will have to be cleared.


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