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Wen Jiabao, Xi Jinping & the other guy

4 November 2013

Wen Jiabao and Xi Jinping, two biggest public enemies in today's China, both are closely associated to the man blow who back in 2008 formulated the 4 trillion-yuan stimulus package for Wen Jiabao administration under the Washington's request that sent China's inflation soaring and now drafted the so-called 383 reform plan for Xi Jinping regime based on Zoelick's proposal which many Chinese regard as a decisive step towards once again transforming China into a political and economical colony of the United States.

Liu He: Top agent of the White House and chief consultant to both Wen Jiabao and Xi Jinping - Washington rules Beijing through this man

President Xi Jinping: He (Liu He) is a very important man to me.

Here are what Chinese say:

- Xi Jinping and Wen Jiabao are in the same camp, has anyone out there still haven't learn the lesson yet?

- We didn't know it before, but we know it now.

- Both are animals.

- They badly need each other.

- We've learned twice [in the trail of Bo Xilai and the subsequent appeal], is anybody out there still preparing to stumble over the same stone for third time?





Multipletext: 以下是网友给无知无耻卖身投靠谁在台上谁有权势就挺谁的皇左的忠告(这些人在日占南京必是挺汪精卫的,在伪满洲国必是挺溥仪的):





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