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Obama wasted taxpayers money
by sending military aircrafts to help China
informing the world where the border of China's newly announced air defence identification zone is

28 November 2013

US B52 flight path along China's air defence identification zone

In a deliberately provocative move, two B-52 strategic bombers on Monday (November 25) conducted a training mission along the border of China's newly announced “air defence identification zone” around the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea.

"The Pentagon’s claim that it was a routine planned mission lacks any credibility," noted the Global Research. "The overflight was clearly designed to challenge China, in line with US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel’s statement that the US Air Force would simply ignore the Chinese rules in the zone."

"The two B-52 bombers, which are designed to carry nuclear bombs and nuclear cruise missiles, flew from and returned to Guam, the key US base in the Pacific," the Global Research further pointed out.

China’s decision to declare the identification zone was "a response to Japanese remilitarisation under the Abe government, encouraged by the Obama administration", and rising tensions over the Diaoyu islands following Tokyo's attempt to “nationalise” the disputed territory, observed the Global Research. "Over the past two months in particular, the US and Japan have strengthened their military alliance, including proposals for Japan to develop 'pre-emptive strike' capabilities and additional deployment of US warplanes to Japan."

What Obama has done not only unnecessarily inflammatory, but very dangerous, and now his spokesman's announcement of the training flight along the border of China's newly announced air defence identification zone is also addressed with threats and inflammatory language. Clearly, the White House and Pentagon's intention is to provoke an open conflict in the region.

A Hong Kong Phoenix TV report detailed how the White House spokesman was questioned by its journalist in terms of why Washington said nothing and did nothing when a few months ago Japan dispatched patrol ships to waters near the Diaoyu Islands and published a video declaring its sovereign right over the territory.

Indeed. Isn't Obama's way to defy a so-called China "provocation" an even more proactive provocation itself?

As China has already made it clear that to establish the air defence identify zone is to identify aircrafts flying over the zone so it can defend its air space when required, as the name so suggested, and since the unarmed B-52s were just traveling alone the border of the zone 200km away from the Diaoyu Islands, why there is a need for the White House to make such a big fuss by calling a media conference to inform the world what its warplanes have proudly accomplished? Does it make Obama look like a man too eager to provoke but too coward to face a real confrontation?

Among Chinese public, the reaction towards the incident is rather mixed.

While most people support the establishment of the identification zone, some are angry over Washington's action, some are upset over Beijing's none action, some are pleased over the B52 game and thanked Obama for generously spending his already limited fund on helping China to inform the world where is the border of China's brand new air defence identify zone (refer to B52s flight path), and some are excited over a prospect of watching an expensive divorce drama to unfold. According to China's vice premier Wang Yang, China and America are not just partners, but a formally married couple. "Til Death do us part," he sort of promised when visited his lover's homeland early this year, because, a divorce, he said, "like that of Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch, is just too expensive."

But, Heaven knows - some naughty Chinese say - we can't wait to divorce that biggest rogue regime of corporation in Washington! We sincerely appreciate Obama's powerful persuasion that has assisted, and will keep assisting, China's strong socialist patriots both within and outside the system to further marginalize the hanjians (the Washington allies) in Chinese society, they say.


九天揽月168: Mao Yushi is the one who signed on the Chart 08 produced in the United States. This guy politically aligned with the "democracy" promoters, and wants to change Chinese system according to American constitution. 这老家伙是在哥伦比亚大学讨论过的08宪章的签名人, 就是说在政治理念上, 他跟民运人士站在一个立场上, 那就是以美国宪章改造中国, 彻底西化[其实是政治经济文化的彻底殖民化]。

Multipletext: 警惕那些为了个人政治野心而打着挺薄旗号借口普世宪政不惜手段引发中国内乱的客居美国的民运分子(难道中国目前的宪法不是宪法?)。这是一群没有政治信仰,不懂民族大义,只会一知半解以派别纷争、个人恩怨解读历史和现实的却又不甘寂寞的投机者。XX党若一面自行宣布薄为其名义领袖,一面又任自封其“军师”的扭腰民运劫持令旗,则它就是以挺薄的名义黑薄,是对真共产党人薄熙来社会主义信念的肆意亵渎。

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