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when science becomes business
when business runs governments
the humanity is doomed

1 November 2013

Like what is happening in the mainland China, the food safety is in crisis in Taiwan province, since the both administrations are more or less the puppets of the White House and dare not to reject the US demand of importing toxic US food even though they knew it would poison their own people and destroy the Chinese nation. The followings are some screen shots from a recent Taiwan television program that discussed the food safety issues that the world is facing:

Link to the video on youtube:

The US food industry is an evil empire.

Toxic US Beef exported to Taiwan

In August Taiwan imported some US beef tenderloins.

When the US demanded to export its beef products to the island, Taiwan set up one condition: The beef products must not contain 1 billion percent of "lean meat powder".

By then the "lean meat powder" generally referred to ractopamine, a feed additive that promotes leanness in animals raised for their meat. As expected, the quarantine did not find the substance exceeded the allowed limit. However it was discovered later that the products contain zilpaterol, a drug that is 15 times more toxic than ractopamine.

Yet by then most of the products had already been sold to public by profit-driven business people. At least 33km contaminated beef were consumed.

Zilpaterol is classified as a highly toxic chemical substance in Taiwan and its presence in the food products is strictly prohibited.

Yet its presence in the imported US beef is as high as 0.5ppb.

Zilpaterol was initially developed as medicinal drug for human.

When a human patient takes this drug, there will be 5% of drug residue remaining in his body system which could cause nausea, dizzy, cardiopalmus and hypertension.

Due to its severe side effects, its clinical trial failed.

But the scientists discovered the drug can promote rapid weight and muscle gain in cattle while in the same time reduce feed intake. The US Food and Drug Administration approved the drug to be used as feed addictive.

But a trial conducted by North Dakota State University found this feed additive generates serious side effects when fed to horses. Within 25 minutes after taking zilpaterol, the horses started sweating profusely and developed muscle tremors. A few minutes later, their heart rates climbed. The symptoms lasted for one to two weeks and cause permanent muscle damage and some kidney problems.

Zilaterol has anabolic properties, similar to the steroids infamously taken by body builders to build impressive muscles.

Reference: Adverse Effects of Zilpaterol Administration in Horses.

Toxic food in the US

The toxic food addictives are not just added in the exported food products. In fact, what most Americans eat is much more awful.

In the US, the elites have absolutely no concern for the welfare of the public.

The US elites enjoy the healthy food while promote the cheaply produced rubbish food to the lower class people and all the people in the world. [That shall remind people in the mainland of their own elites, particularly those in Xi Jinping's core leadership team, who have a privilege to access special provision of organic food while forcing the ordinary Chinese people to consume the imported US GMO products.]

Most of the rubbish food are invented and produced by the Americans and for the Americans.

US fried chicken

Take the fried chicken.

They were made of wasted chicken parts and out of dated chicken meat.

They were then covered with flour and sprinkled with spices before deeply fried in oil. Such food was initially used by the US mine owners to feed their workers.

US beef burger

There is virtually no such a thing called safe beef burger in the US, even the top brand Angus Burger is unsafe to eat.

A British guy, who dared to eat all sorts of odd animals, said he would not have the courage to touch beef burgers made in the US, which as he described are just manure piles contaminated by the coli-bacillus.

First of all, do you know how the beef mince for the burger is made?

Take Jack in the Box, it is largely made with inferior meat content used for dog food -

mixed with the meat scrap leftovers -

that include the beef heart and other organs, as well as some loin cuts.

If there is not enough beef going around, they add chicken meat. In some cases, the beef is not even the main component in a beef burger.

Then add some soy flour -

And add emulsifying agent to enhance mince viscosity -

And add anti oxidizing agent (low grand meat often produce bad oily smell so it can help disperse the unpleasant odour) -

And add adhesive agent to bind the mix together -

And add beef powder to cover the chicken smell -

And add Sunset Yellow, a food addictive to produce spicy flavour -

And add colour addictive to make the mince look more like beef.

Finally the mince is sent to a ammonia factory for sterilizing.

Just like how we usually clean our toilet.


The US food companies are more wretched than heroin tycoons.

Toxic US beef exported to the EU

On January 1, 1989, the EU banned the import of U.S. beef produced with growth-promoting hormones. Since then, the EU-US were locked in trade dispute that lasted for 20 years.

The truth is, most toxic food in today's world are invented and produced by the US food industry in alliance with some profit-seeking scientists and a revenue-looking government.

Toxic food in the US

The US GM food

The US food companies keep paying scientists to genetically modify human food for profit.

Apart from creating GM crops, they also produce GM chicken, GM beef and GM pork.

GM food is everywhere in America.

the US salmon

This is genetically engineered salmon AquAdvantage, modified from North Atlantic salmon with the genetic modification involving taking a growth hormone gene from a chinook salmon and joining it with a control DNA sequence from an eel-like creature. It also contains genes from Belgian Blue Bull.

The GM salmon grows 4 time bigger in size than the normal salmon, and 7 times more aggressive in behaviour. The scientists also claim its reproductive capacity is 7 times stronger than the organic ones. Thus once the GM salmon enters the water system, the organic salmon will soon disappear. Yet the US authority (FDA) not only permitted AquAdvantage salmon to be sold on market but forbids the sellers to label it as GM salmon.

The US government's explanation on its decision of allowing AquAdvantage to get into the waterways is laughable. It said they are all females (so not aggressive) and all infertile.

"Heavens, if this salmon is infertile, it must carry some genes for genetic defects."

"You tell me about that. And after I eat the salmon with infertile gene, will I become infertile too?"

"There is something even more laughable! The scientists said its reproductivity is 7 times stronger while the US government said it is infertile. No one comes out to clarify this contradiction."

Look at this salmon with a gene from Blue Bull - it grows muscles on its back and tummy.

the US beef

This is monstrous Belgian Blue cattle that looks like an advanced body builder on steroids.

Because they are indeed genetically interfered by some weird scientists.

The US scientist farmers would even cut a big hole in the side of a cow, directly in to their stomach, in order to perform forced feeding with corns.

In 2003, the first apparent case of mad cow disease in the US was discovered, as a result of feeding cattle meat-and-bone meal contained with BSE-infected products.

4 American children died after eating the contaminated beef burgers, with 700 fell sick.

The incubation period for the disease could be as long as 17 to 20 years. Once the disease breaks out, there is no cure, and the death rate is 100%.

the US chicken

Before 1958, a chick needed 70 days to grow into a chicken.

But 50 years late, most chickens in the US are artificially engineered.

They are injected with high-fructose corn syrup and growth-promoting hormones.

Now they only take 47 days to fully grow up with body size twice bigger than the organically raised chickens.

Some chickens grew so fat that they were crashed to death under their own weight.

Now the mainland China is doing exactly what Americans do to their food. [Or more precisely, the mainland China's corrupted government officials, profit-driven businessmen and money-hungry scientists are doing to majority ordinary Chinese people like what the US elites are doing to ordinary American people and to people around the world. Both administrations, as well as the provincial one in Taiwan, are the threat to the mankind]

Look at these chickens from the mainland China. The growth period is reduced to 2 weeks, and some chickens grow no feather while others would develop four to five wings [which is a form of tumour].

the US public in action

Now the US public have realised how badly their right to a healthy living is recklessly abused and secretly taken away by the evil trio: the US businessmen in the food industry, the US scientists working for the food industry and the US government that protects the food industry.

American people start to go street protest, demanding the GM food to be labeled so people can have a right to choose not to be poisoned.


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