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When a Chinese lawyer tried to defend workers' rights

17 November 2013

The government in Shaanxi, President Xi Jinping's home province, is the first to join the latest smear campaign against Bo Xilai. The truth is Xi's townsmen and townswomen are quite customised to frame a totally innocent man.

Back in 2010, they threw Zhao Dongming, a legal adviser who actively defended the rights of the workers retrenched from the state-owned enterprises during the privatisation rush in the name of the "reform", into jail. Even when Zhao's wife was dying, they refused to let him see her for the last time. Now, the man has been released, but the underhanded persecution of him has not stopped.

On Saturday, 16 November 2013, Zhao Dongming posted a message on China's major social media, stating he was going to die in front of the provincial government building next week after he has arranged his will with his lawyer, so as to leave the provincial officials to live happily in peace [and do whatever they wish to the poor workers].

Here are the excerpt from Zhao Dongming's letter:

"聚众扰乱社会秩序罪”本来就是强加的:陕西省原政法委书记宋洪武等强令专政机关对我采取措施,陕西省总工会在事后炮制虚假报案材料,公安机关奉命先抓捕后定罪,刑诉过程进行非法的超期羁押,调查过程对维权职工诱供,审判我 的法庭外,警察以暴力阻止被诱供的职工进法庭“指证”我在无犯罪动机和犯罪事实的情况下强判我有罪……我被超期羁押一年五个月有十天后被西安市中院改判缓刑释放,我面对的是未见最后一面的妻子坟茔,年老多病的母亲,被意外摔成癫痫的小儿子,辍学的大儿子,面对一个残缺困难重重的家。我并不后悔我所付出的 代价:不是每个为党工作的人都能受到公正待遇。



沦为“犯罪分子”了,我原来的法律工作者工作干不成了,饭碗被砸了,我自己托朋友找工作,在未央区被“有关方面”干预下岗了,又托朋友在碑林区以商贸公司找了工作,还被职工选为工会主席,结果被公安碑林分局国保大队粗暴干预,又下岗了。我和公安碑林分局工会,西安市总工会交涉无人理会,愤然在网上发帖揭露公安碑林分局非法干预企业工会事宜的暴行,结果招致陕西省、西安市个别政要指使有关部门对我围追堵截, 我不但要承诺放弃在网上发帖揭露有关人员非法行为的权利,甚至要向有关部门保证放弃给上级寄信的权利

母亲动手术切了胆和胃,又患了心梗 ... 近期我又被诊断为慢性阑尾炎……我无业可就,小儿子又发病了,母亲心梗随时危在旦夕……对我的这些困难,那些只顾压我的省市大员们却不闻不问。

.... 该是我牺牲自己来唤起人民进一步觉醒的时候了!




How many good people are you going to smear, frame, persecute and kill, the officials in Xi Jinping's hometown?

When Someone Dares to Help the Victims of the "Reform"


A group of Shaanxi officials put on a pair of brand new rain shoes and carried a brand new shovel when going to the field of "yellow earth" posed before cameras. Next day, the photos showed up on the newspapers with the caption: Shaanxi government officials take an hands on approach on the project in the field.

Heaven Watched and Warned and Now it is in action

Shaanxi is President Xi Jinping's ancestral home province, while Yan'an, a county in Shaanxi, is the cradle of the Red China. Shortly before Bo Xilai's trial, wild storms lashed this dry land hard, which is extremely rare historically, resulting dozens of casualties and massive damages to the properties. According to China's nature-man correlation theory these could be viewed as the serious warning signs over China's current state of affairs.

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