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Bo Xilai's supporters ridicule President Xi Jinping

11 November 2013

Yep, time for president Xi Jinping to regain trust from Chinese people has run out, and, time for premier Li Keqiang to play a double crossing game is over, and, and, let me check it again, okay, time for former premier Wen Jiabao to go to hell is over due, well well over due.

A historical moment is approaching .......

Whenever Bo Xilai appeared in public, he would be followed around by large crowds, just like what happened to Chairman Mao and Zhou Enlai.

And President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang? Please hear what Chinese public have said:

- That year tens of thousands of people came to street to say goodbye to Bo Xilai when he left Dalian for Beijing to take a commerce minister's job. People's admiration for Bo Xilai is so sincere that cannot fake!

- Somebody [former premier Wen Jiabao] thought he could be forgiven by Chinese public for the damage he did to the country with three deep bows on stage. He's dreaming - he is still the most hated man in China.

- Somebody [Premier Li Keqiang] thought he could gain appreciation from Chinese public by claiming he prepared to work hard until his arms broken. He's dreaming - he will never get public support.

- Somebody [President Xi Jinping] reckoned he could attract people to follow him by simply reciting Chairman Mao's verses [but taking a liberty of doing everything opposite]. He's dreaming - there is no way the majority of Chinese people will recognize him as their legitimate leader.

- Just see how public are viewing you guys now! Go home look at yourself in the mirror.

Bo Xilai in his thirties read annual work report of the county government as the County Party Secretary at a county committee meeting.

Xi Jinping, 60, posed alone stately when waiting for the approach of his foreign guests.

- You [Xi Jinping] lacks both a statesman's external appearance and internal quality, do me a favour, stop pretending, 'cause everyone knows you are fake.

Xi Jinping once said that had Chairman Mao arrived Shaaxi a few days late in 1930s, his father Xi Zhongxun would be buried alive by extremists.

- Why Chairman Mao walked so fast, could you arrive a few days later? [meaning: If Chairman Mao arrived in Shaaxi later, he would not be able to safe Xi Jinping's father, then Xi Jinping would not be born, then China might be slightly better off]

- Some people say one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers, so when Xi Jinping became president, Bo Xilai has to be a prisoner. But, is Xi a tiger? No, for Heaven's sake, he's just a big fat cat.

- Xi Jinping himself is the biggest naked official in China, under his rule, uncorrupted officials won't be able to survive. [Will a mafia boss allow a member who refuses to kill anyone to exist in his organization?]

- We are well into an info era of the 21st century yet a Chinese emperor [Xi Jinping] still believes he can make everyone to believe he wears an none-existed new clothes. How pathetic this guy is.

Bo Xilai presented on the wedding of a Dalian soccer player when he was the Dalian mayor.



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