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Macbeth of Middleland

8 October 2013

Trio of witches


Macbeth was a martial governor (general) and a great soccer fan. One day he received an intelligence report from a panel of witchcraft consultants that he would be made into a King of Middleland by some invisible power brokers but Prince Duncan was far more popular among the general population than him.

Consumed by hunger for power and spurred to action by people around, Macbeth destroyed Prince Duncan's political life. Although successfully ascended to the throne, Macbeth was then wracked with constant fear and paranoia, and soon became a tyrannical ruler as he was forced to commit more murderous acts to protect himself from enmity and suspicion.

The civil riot eventually erupted and swiftly took Macbeth and his wife into the realms of madness and death.

Middleland's charming First Lady Macbeth proudly displays her priceless Jewels in her crown

A Noble Lesson from a Nobel Lecture:
Seven Men in a Rundown Temple




China's glorious First Lady Peng Liyuan proudly displays her expensively imported watch when visiting a South East country.

An affordable home to her ladyship's subject - a Beijing elderly

This is the photo a journalist from Xinhua News Agency took shortly before the National Day in the Beijing CBD, just about 2,000 m from the Middle East Sea, where Xi Jinping and his wife, China's best known fashion model, live.

For respecting the home owner's dignity, the journalist did not include the elderly in the picture.

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