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Chinese Mass Pay Tribute to Chairman Mao

4 October 2013

On the anniversary celebrating the establishment of the PRC, China's leading political elites once again ignored the Mausoleum of Chairman Mao, the founding father of the PRC, when staging a show to paying tribute to the Monument of the People's Heroes hundreds meters away. Yet the ordinary Chinese people not only flocked to the Mausoleum as a way to observe the once grant occasion but paid homage to Mao's virtual memorial halls online.

Chairman Mao is just one of numerous deceased public figures who have memorial sites set up by their fans in cyber space, but his sites are no doubt the most popular ones, and the tributes to him are more than all other historical figures combined.

On the other end of the spectrum sat reform advocator Deng Xiaoping. Not only the visitors to his memorial pages were few, but most comments were rather negative. In fact, he is so unpopular among, in particular, the younger generation of Chinese, that now most of Internet memorial halls devoted to Deng Xiaoping have been removed to avoid further embarrassment.

Another dead man who attracts more eggs than flowers in cyber space is Hu Yaobang, a top leader deposed by Deng Xiaoping which triggered his death while his death triggered the Tiananmen incident in 1989. At the time people's grief over his departure was quite genuine, as for it was later exploited by the CIA is another story. But the fact that it only took two decades for Hu Yaobang to transform from an angel to a devil in the eye of Chinese public tells that no false facade can withstand the test of time.

It shall provide food for thought to Xi Jinping. Covering up true face with heavy makeup might be okay for a performing artist like his wife, and public might also be willing to suspend their believe when watching her pretending to be someone else on stage, they could be quite unforgiving if Xi Jinping tries to play the same trick.

It shall be mentioned that one of the important reasons for Bo Xilai's huge popularity among general Chinese population is his honesty and truthfulness, that has been verified beyond doubt by, ironically, the Jinan trial, initially designed to discredit him.

If Xi Jinping still wishes to leave a positive mark in history (which we don't think Li Keqiang would have any chance to achieve), he should stop mimicking his wife but make Bo Xilai as his spiritual mentor.

The following are just a few typical examples from countless heartfelt tributes at, the website that hosted the biggest online memorial service:

小草在歌唱:The one who should receive the first tribute on the national day must be the founding father Chairman Mao.

绿水青山:Miss you all the time, Chairman, and more so on the national day.

红色大跃进:Only Mao Zedong Thought can save China.

战友似兄弟: Mao Zedong Thought makes you a better person, Deng Xiaoping's cat theory lets you down.

tianbao61: Chairman, please teach that nasty little man [Deng Xiaoping] some hard lesson.

杨溜:Chinese people look forward to the return of the people's leader Bo Xilai.

觅闲散人:Since you left us thirty years ago, the traitors and devils have dominated China ever since with good men being locked behind bars.

彩云1:Please wake up Chairman, and look at what China has become now.

陈年佳样:Please wake up right now Chairman, or China will be beyond repair.

www3856: Russian President Putin said that what Mao Zedong promoted was not "personal worship " but "people worship", and which is why he is regarded so highly by the mass.

沧海一粟1967: The Government with Chinese characteristics [Chinese authority likes to label the state capitalism that China is practicing as socialism with Chinese characteristics, so Chinese people label the governments after Chairman Mao & Premier Zhou Enlai in the same manner. - Multipletext] loves to commemorate all sorts of historical figures, expect the founder of their organisation Chairman Mao. No wonder China is looked down by the world community - who would respect a nation who lacks self-respect?

老知青622: Dare to beat the devils' guts out and will never lower his head to bow [Bo Xilai's words in his last public speech before being arrested]! In defeat, I still hold my sword, until the last minute; Facing death, I laugh at the heaven, leaving my passion to my nation that'll never weaken [Tan Citong's words whose execution spelled the fall of the Manchu's reign].

草原禾禾:Any Chinese who is decent enough to embrace an attitude of gratitude will cherish Chairman Mao's legacy.

gaohongying: Since he left us 37 years ago, China has changed so much: it is now a place devoid of moral and ethics!

freshfull: Typhoon Celestial Rabbit hit China hard [on the same day of Bo Xilai sentencing - Multipletext], bringing with it the dark clouds, violent gales, muddy waves, sand storms, and ghosts and demons - Only Mao Zedong Thought can expel all this evil elements.

老知青622: When you witness how selfish Chinese people have become, you'll understand why Mao Zedong urged the mass to learn from solider Lei Feng, a selfless paragon of civic virtue. When you witness how severe the drought/flood problems plague the country, you'll understand why Mao Zedong called the people to work on hydraulic programs. When you witness how today's schools/colleagues extract money from students but teach little practical knowledge/skills, you'll understand why Mao Zedong believed a new education system is necessary. Whey you witness what a low standard Chinese teachers/professors are held nowadays, you'll understand why Mao Zedong decided the education sector must not be ruled by the bourgeoisie intellectuals. When you witness how today's hospitals refuse to treat the poor, you'll understand why Mao Zedong demanded the healthcare system to put people not money first. When you witness how the rich and powerful exercise forced demolition on powerless homeowners, you'll understand why Mao Zedong insisted to promote workers and peasants to vice premiers' position. When you witness how extravagant life style the officials are living, you'll understand why Mao Zedong would wear an old pajama with dozens patches. When you witness how China deserted socialism and adapted an unbraided free market economy which results a grave injustice and unfairness and causes a huge gap between the rich and the poor, you'll understand why Mao Zedong started the Cultural Revolution.

识字劳作者:When Chairman Mao shouted "long live people" on the Tiananmen Rostrum, he became a mirror that helps the people to see the true face of his successors.

hgfjyiuyoijh: Dear Chairman, when you came you helped the workers and peasants become the masters of the country. After you left, the working people are once again treated like slaves. We are now live in misery, please help us, Chairman!

识字劳作者: Millions of martyrs died for the interest of the majority of people in this country not a small group of elites. For defending PEOPLE's republic established by Chairman Mao, millions new warriors now stand up! A genuine People's Republic will be rebuilt no matter how!


On the 64th birthday of the PRC, the seven-men Central Committee team, the top authority body of China, went to pay tribute to the Monument of People's Heroes.


Traitors pay tribute to martyrs,
Bandits pose as sages.
Bow their heads for two minutes in silence,
Thinking secretly how to play tricks on others.

-- 北京民谣?

Some typical Chinese comments:


- They were saying when bowing their head: I am guilty.

- It's a good joke for usurpers to pay tribute to those whose aspiration they do not share.

- How far is the distance between the Heroes' Monument and Chairman Mao's Mausoleum? [very far, the distance is far far greater that the one between the Monument in Beijing and a tombstone in Shenzhen, which is why Xi Jinping's first official trip after he secured his top position was not to Mao's Mausoleum next door but to a remote southern tip to lay wreath to Deng Xiaoping's grave -]

Every day around the Monument there is a long queue as Chinese people from all walks of life waiting to enter Chairman Mao's Mausoleum and pay tribute to the founding father of the PRC.


—— 爱国将领续范亭?




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