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Rock the Father-in-law (丈人峰)

2 October 2013

Rock the Father-in-law on the top of Mt Tai in Shandong Province



Mt Tai near city Jinan used to be regarded as the backbone of Chinese nation and historically Chinese emperors regularly paid tribute to the mountain god as a way to renew the contract between the human client and a terrestrial security force. The remuneration package for its service included silk brocade, an upgraded official title and sacrifices consisted of the heads of hard working cow and innocent lamb.

But the business relationship was left in limbo for more than a century until Xi Jinping ascended the throne. A grand contract-renewal ceremony was kicked off on the day of 22 August, 2013, and lasted for a month, with an ultra generous offer including human sacrifice. At the close ceremony on 22 September, Bo Xilai, the flesh backbone of Chinese nation, was chained away with his political life under Butch Wang Xuguang's knife.

Why does Xi Jinping want to sacrifice the real spine in exchange for an imaginary backbone thus place the nation under an illusive protection? Does Rock the Father-in-law on the top of the Mt Tai play a role in his suicidal decision? Mind, the province where the Mt Tai is situated is the home to Xi Jinping's father-in-law.

登泰山而小天下之人, 实乃不知天外有天,迟早被天谴。



Chinese President and Soccer

Xi Jinping played multi soccer balls alone at Qinhuang Island in Shandong Province, where his wife's mortal life started and Bo Xilai's political life ended.

In a recent media interview during his Southeast Asia trip, Xi Jinping said he loved soccer for its unpredictability in outcome. Which is all fine for a soccer fan but not a promising personal trait for the leader of a big nation with 1.4 billion people standing at a historical turning point.

His work record and mental profile all indicate this is not a man with strong faith, clear vision and firm goal who has the ability to develop sophisticated strategies. Rather, he is more like a punter. A typical punter can be rather flexible with his stance since all he cares about is which side will help him to reap rewards from his bet on the match.


Multipletext: 汪洋变成泰山东床的特使,远涉重洋去和亲.

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