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Tangshan Quake

28 October 2013

An earthquake hit Tangshan early Sunday morning at 3:32am. There are reports that in the urban centre area the beds and water bottles on water dispensers wobbled.

Quake centre Tangshan, 150 km from Beijing

The tremor was registered with a weak magnitude 3.3, but what's noteworthy is the timing when the quake occurred.

37 years plus 3 months plus 1 day ago at 3:42am in 1976, a 7.6 Richter Scale quack buried the most of the urban Tangshan under rubble, along with quarter a million lives.

On September 9, a little more than a month after the quake, the founding father of the independent modern China, Chairman Mao, passed away.

On October 6, a little less than a month after Mao's death, his wife and trusted political assistants were arrested and eventually sentenced to death or life imprisonment in a coup masterminded by Deng Xiaoping and executed by a dummy piggish figurehead Hua Guofeng.

37 years later after the coup in 2013, China once again lost its full independence in politics and economy under an administration heavily influenced by Deng Xiaoping's son and executed by a dummy piggish figurehead Xi Jinping.

Is a historical circle closing? What will be the next after Sunday's quake?


江湖有传说, 重唱节振国。区区三十七年,弹指一挥间。公今从容入狱去,它日引领复兴路。


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