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What Chinese said about Xi Jinping & his administration after the high court ruling against Bo Xilai

27 October 2013

Xi Jinping is stirring up a popular insurgence:

***: Public hatred [towards Xi Jinping and his regime] is accumulating. Once it reaches a critical mass, it will erupt like volcano. Keep doing your evil deeds, Mr Xi, and I believe I'll see that day come!

美国总统***: Yet, that day will come for sure!

China's Mr & Mrs Marcos:

军歌嘹亮***:While [Xi Jinping] keeps talking about China Dream, at the time of US regime banning Huawei (Chinese telecom company) and Zhongxing (Chinese telecommunication equipment company now ZTE Corp.) from trading in the US market with a false accusation, his wife was showing off her US product iPhone in Mexico.

天涯漫**: No matter how hard Xi Jinping is trying to look like a leader, in the eye of Chinese public he is just a stupid pig.

荆楚悠然**: All he can do is letting his sing-song woman [Peng Liyuan, Xi Jinping's wife] dressed in silk adorned with gold flirt around in the world in a repulsively vulgar and pretentious manner.

交易者特战营: From today on [the high court ruling against Bo Xilai], no one will ever believe his bullshit again.

seven men in the rundown temple:

The entrance to the Middle-east Sea, the Capitol Hill of China

Chinese public: Sham on you, Xi Jinping:

周**:Whores [Xi Jinping and his team in the Middle-east Sea] are just shameless! I switched off the TV [as it was reporting the high court ruling in Jinan] and drink alone to my heart's content ...

佛说大海无量:Me too, had a drink.

v秋叶v:We are all drinking now.

牵手溜狗:Like this you may need to have a drink everyday!

语溪之音:Nowadays I often switch off the television to enjoy a cup of wine in peace. I think I might just smash my TV set into pieces as well - there is virtually nothing to watch on it.

**逝者如斯夫:Those men [Xi Jinping and his team] were raised up in sing-song house, you expect them to care about their own reputation.

**塞勒斯:He [Xi Jinping] has a piggish hairdo with 70% to be bombed to the right and 30% to the left [Same to his political stance - Multiple]. He thinks he has a world perspective so keeps touring the world [with his sing-song woman - Multipletext] as if in a circus show business.

Chairman Mao followers warn Xi Jinping to keep away from Mao Mausoleum:

毛猴大哥*: Please do me a favour. On December 26 this year [Chairman Mao's 100th birthday], the seven little men [from the Central Committee] do not go to Chairman Mao's mausoleum. The reason is simple: You are too filthy to enter his resting place.

共和国之恋:They are filthier than prostitutes.

China under Xi Jinping Is a lawless State:

Xi Jinping is the part of the China problem:

**为了进步:Xi Jinping is part of the corrupted and treacherous clique. Otherwise, with his zero-achievement job records and his opportunistic approach to CCP faith, how on earth he was able to climb to the top position if he did not spend all his time working on party politics?

**两昆仑:I knew long time ago he [Xi Jinping] cannot be an honourable man. Competing for a job is a common thing in the modern world [let alone in Bo Xilai's instance, such challenge is just in Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang's imagination, yet that has already became a huge crime in the eye of the both men - Multipletext]. Now you've already got your dream job, yet you still want to destroy Bo Xilai who you think had challenged you before. How possible a man with such a pitiful and tyrannical personality [like Xi Jinping] could ever win people's heart?

传扶摇直上九重霄:They [Xi Jinping and his team] let Bo Xilai appear in court in handcuffs as the way to make them feel they have a power over him, how spiteful.

Wang Qishan: a corrupted and ruthless man who is Xi Jinping's enforcer:

毛猴大哥*: Look at this man [Wang Qishan, the boss of China's Central Discipline Committee, an organization within CCP that somewhat has an authority over China's legal system], so wretched, is any chance for a sucker like him to be a good man?

Say no to bad government:

The high court ruling is not the end, but the beginning of popular revolt:

A call to withdraw support for Xi Jinping regime:


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