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NSA & Mrs Xi Jinping's iPhone

26 October 2013

China's "First Lady" showed off her latest toy iPhone5 during her visit to Mexico in June this year when the iPhone's capacity to spy the users had already been widely exposed.


The NSA now admits it is working on tracking people's location and monitoring people's movement through cell phones which can easily be hijacked by malware to take photos of the users' surroundings.

The US Naval Surface Warfare Center working with Indiana University is reported to have figured out how to infect a mobile phone with a Trojan that can take photos without users' knowledge and send sensor data back to a server. The data are used to construct a 3D model which would allow an attacker, say CIA, to find weaknesses, gather information and steal secrets.

Fresh revelations on Thursday from Edward Snowden documents further confirm NSA is monitoring phone conversations of the world leaders. Since the US regime openly labeled China, along with Russia, as its main cyber war targets, and since China - unlike Russia - has a shallow, vain and silly first lady and a petty, arrogant and stupid president, what are the chances that Chinese top leader's conversations and activities are not closely monitored by the White House?


And when their dirty secrets are controlled by the White House, like what happened to a Chongqing official called Lei Zhenfu who was disgraced and dismissed after a prostitute released their love-making video footage, what are the chances for this self-interested and deceitful couple to withstand the extortion from the ruthless foreign power?

On Friday it was further claimed by the US media that Snowden files include those of the leaders who secretly serve the US military and financial interest while their countries are not allied with the US politically. Snowden may never release these documents but the documents could be triggered to be published by any other force. What are the chances that Xi Jinping couple, Wen Jiabao couple, Li Keqiang couple and Wang Qishan couple can hide their dirty laundry under the rug without ever being exposed before Chinese public?


若有丝毫对社稷的敬畏之心,习近平夫妇怎会以“必须有” 的罪名陷害薄熙来夫妇,安会被美国人捏住如许多的把柄,怎用开买办夫妻档,安有被人民唾弃的今天?马科斯夫妇逃窜海外,齐奥塞斯库夫妇暴死街头,习近平夫妇将如何了结?难道一定要像末代皇帝崇祯那样先杀丈人峰下老婆再砍美国绿卡女儿最后让心腹太监刘鹤陪着一起在秦始皇陵前歪脖子猪肚子树上上吊自尽吗?

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