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How Monsanto Works Miracle and Saves the World from Starvation

24 October 2013

Monsanto Jesus: Hi guys, I work miracles and come bringing you nourishment that will surely save you from starvation.

Chinese, Argentines, Indians and etc, etc, etc: Your fish is toxic and we could die by eating your food.

Monsanto Jesus: True, you could die by eating my food, but after your death , you may go to Heaven and will certainly no longer live in hunger that is a life of Hell. Do you wish to go to Heaven or want to remain in Hell?

Chinese, Argentines, Indians and etc, etc, etc: We want to stay in this world.

Monsanto Jesus: What's good about this world, so crowded, so polluted, plus persecutions, wars and starvation, you name it. Isn't Heaven a much spacious and peaceful place than earth?

Chinese, Argentines, Indians and etc, etc, etc: We'll go after you, please lead the way.

Monsanto Jesus: Arh, arh, look, the Mother Earth needs somebody to look after her, and, and she told me in my hallucination that I have been chosen to stay here managing the earth because I'm exceptional.

Chinese, Argentines, Indians and etc, etc, etc: So you can manage to live on your toxic fish?

Monsanto Jesus: You poor silly kids. After you've all gone, why would I keep producing toxic fish? There will be enough healthy fish for one man's order under new world order.

Every 30 minutes an Indian farmer kills himself by drinking monsanto's pesticide after being driven to bankruptcy by Monsanto's GMO!
by LeeCamp2


Monsanto on the defensive after its GM seeds & associated Herbicides Linked with wide-spread cancer and birth defects in Argentina

Photo from

Pesticides sold by Monsanto are behind health problems ranging from birth defects to elevated rates of cancer in Argentina, a report has revealed.

Argentine doctors interviewed by the AP said their caseloads — not laboratory experiments — show an apparent correlation between the arrival of intensive industrial agriculture and rising rates of cancer and birth defects in rural communities, and they’re calling for broader, longer-term studies to rule out agrochemical exposure as a cause of these and other illnesses.


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Monsanto’s pesticides Cause Cancer and Birth Defects in Argentina

Chinese journalists reported strange phenomenon occurred in Shanxi Province since the peasants there began to grow genetically modified corns with the seeds imported from America. One of the notable signs concerns about local rats that have become smaller in size and fewer in number.

Monsanto's GMO Destroying Argentina's Agriculture

Chinese People Will never Give Up Their Fight for the Return of the Real King

During the period between Bo Xilai's trial started on August 22 and sentencing one month later in Jinan, public demonstrations occurred in several locations in China. The message on the banner read:

Bo Xilai has been framed by the traitors because of his anti-GMO stance.

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