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GMO and China's Health Crisis

23 October 2013

This is an online survey that received 52,000 responses. The survey asked readers if they would choose GM food when shopping. 83% said no.

While in the recent decade, particularly in the past five years, China's step towards becoming the biggest GMO (import) nation in the world quickens, so is the growing public suspicion over the GM food, as well as the increased resistance to the pro-GM policies enforced by the Chinese authority. The confrontation between a small group of Monsanto allied bio scientists and Chinese mass intensified when 61 bio researchers demanded the government to commercialise the GM rice plantation without delay, and when many of these "scientists" are exposed to either have a financial link with the US bio companies or openly hold a position there.

And it's not just those GM researchers.

Li Jiayang (李家洋), the vice Agricultural Minister and the director of China's Agricultural Research Institute, was officially on the Advisory Panel of the US GMO company DuPont.

As Chinese government openly work with the US GM companies and let their men control China's food safety issue, the public objection to the GM food is mounting. The following figures are collected from various Chinese official publications by some Chinese online identities who attribute the public health crisis to the large scale forced consumption of the GM food. And this suggestion is agreed readily and widely cross China's cyber space.

  • Chinese male sperm survival rate was above 90% in 1980s. Entering 90s, it dropped to 80s and lingered at this level for more than a decade until 2006, when organic soy beans gave way to GM replacement imported from the US. That year the rate slipped to 70%. It took only 4 years for the sperm survival rate to dive to 50% in 2010. (CCTV 7pm news, October 28, 2010)

  • China currently has 160 million infertility population among people of reproductive age. About 6 people are diagnosed with cancer every minute in China, and one in every seven to eight death were the result of cancer. The cases of young people developing cancer are continuously increasing. (Chinese Cancer Registry Annual Report 2012)

  • There are 4 million Chinese with leukaemia disease, more than half of the patients are children or young adults (Official statistics).

The following are some food for thought:


Chairman Mao: People's right to live is the most imporatant human right which is paramount than anything else; for defending their right to live, people have the right to resist bad governance. 人民的生存权是最大的人权,人民的生存权高于一切;人民要生存,就必须自卫。

*天行*道: Anyone urging me to support that guy [Xi Jinping] who has forced me to consume GMO and locked Mr Bo Xilai in jail will be regarded by me as a paid advocator. 至少到目前为止,凡是要我支持拥护谁的我一概视为皇左!一个叫我吃转基因和审判书记的人你们喊破天老子理都不理!

Chinese People Will never Give Up Their Fight for the Return of the Real King


思想碎片微博 改革,杀出一条血路。然后转基因沿着血路进来了;美债沿着血路出去了;刘志军、李春城、刘铁男等一大批贪官沿着血路理直气壮地崛起了;一个个房叔房婶房哥房姐沿着血路产生了;千千万万百姓沿着血路上访了……然后“莫须有“进去了,“三鞠躬“走人了……




财经网10月15日发布《中国“裸官”报告》后,我预感到要出点儿事情,果然,某党内大佬16日就现身纪录片《习仲勋》中,农业部、央视及61位院士近期也开始疯狂“挺转”,尤其是央视的表现特别突出,目前已开始在整点新闻栏目中,为美国转基因摇旗呐喊,新闻时长也有大幅提高。 我原以为财经网发布该报告后,会有人在美债风波之际,跳出来呼吁中国再次救美,没想到他们会选择以转基因为突破口,可能那句臭名昭著的“救美国就是救中国”搞得天怒人怨,早已无人敢提,因此,只能通过转基因作作文章。 某些人为什么要疯狂“挺转”?因为美国已通过财经网向118万裸官发出指令,如果不听招呼,就会像搞陈水扁那样,通过“揭丑”让其身败名裂。裸官们闻讯后心急如焚,急忙借“挺转”向美国表衷心,这就是“挺转”派嚣张的主因。

杂交水稻创出了亩产近一吨的世界记录,已有力的驳斥了61位院士所谓“反转误国”的说法,况且,非转基因我们吃了几千年,不曾“误国误民”,为何突然变得面目可憎?可见,61位院士纯属放屁! 我想说的是,这次转基因之争,表面上是学术之争,其实是以贪官裸官和无良学者为主体的亲美汉奸和以草根民众为主体的爱国力量的对决.

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