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Chinese People Will never Give Up Their Fight for the Return of the Real King

22 October 2013

During the period between Bo Xilai's trial started on August 22 and sentencing one month later in Jinan, public demonstrations occurred in several locations in China. The message on the banner read:

Bo Xilai has been framed by the traitors because of his anti-GMO stance;

It was not real Gu Kailai (Bo Xilai's wife) but an imposter who appeared in Anhui court!

A group of peasants in Chongqing who lost their farmland and home to the compulsory urbanisation administrated by Li Keqiang's ruthless and corrupted enforcer Sun Zhengcai, the current Chongqing governor and a Monsanto's China ally, protested during Bo Xilai trial with the messages on the banner read:

Big Brother Bo Xilai, land-less peasants miss you heaps!

Big Brother Bo Xilai, we are waiting for your return!


独立思考: 新华社刚刚公布了本月25日宣判薄案二审,毫无例外,这次关于薄案的信息再次在全国范围严厉封网,一个刑事案件回到了不准十三亿国民发言荒谬地步?全球独一无二!充分表明了薄案本身的虚伪和荒唐,无法经受民众的发言议论,是一出用机枪指着人民脑袋不许发言的现代国王新衣大丑剧

#丁丁之声# 一人囹圄万众羞,滔天义愤卷神州。蝇帝虽退戏半场,山雨欲来风满楼。自古英雄多磨难,而今伯公少同舟。谁言功过成败定,水能载舟亦覆舟!

思想碎片13 这个人是最后的稻草,弃了;这件事的处理就是历史的分水岭,明了。除了平反,所有结果都是残害只要把他送上砷叛苔,就全部是凶手走出这一步,手上便沾满了鲜血。有人说,历史是胜利者书写的,真相会被谎言淫没。但是请记住,正义从未放弃对邪恶的清算,等待他们的,注定是惶惶不可终日。

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