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Chinese Legal System Today is as Dark as the Medieval European Court

1 October 2013

History Is Still Making and Every Comment Is Part of History

Comments from

戴神马表:This judge is qualified to be a politician but not judge

[The guy in the picture is Wang Xuguang (王旭光) who sat as judge in Bo Xilai's trial.]

我就不相信: Look at his facial feature, do you think a man with a face like this can be a good man?

司马骄阳:He has no guts, no ability and no independent personality.

萍河渔人:He must have weighed the pros and cons for days before putting all his money down on one fat bet. Did he really make the right decision? The dice is still under the bowl and the jury is still out.

花不想再说话了:I bet this SOB will never feel safe again for the rest of his life, even in his own dreams.

续故事的人:Just remember this face!

ME归属何方:He will be nailed to the pillory of history for sure.

白夜的雨:Somebody's today will be his tomorrow.

社会一介平民:His sentencing speech is the most revolting.

雪松林1024:He will taste his own medicine one day.

***火箭-专杀汉奸**:He'd better to hang himself.

上海热度2:Bo Xilai protested against the unjust verdict in the court [but judge Wang Xuguang unlawfully ordered his men to take Bo Xilai away by force before asking if the defendant wanted to appeal - Multipletext]

顾庆太:We back Mr Bo's decision to seek appeal.

英雄壮志未酬:Despite an appeal is unlikely to change the outcome, it can further expose the ugly face of China's legal system in front of the world.

杨阳炎黄子孙2:This is the worst political persecution. Wang Xuguang is not qualified to be judge. Get lost, you SOB!

黄海波:A Taiwan newspaper revealed the life sentence the day before the verdict was announced by Jinan Court.

紫澜凌风: Jinan Court will be forever remembered for its shameful role in this legal circus show. [国丈的老家免不了会因这世纪大冤案而永世蒙羞 - Multipletext]

*****: That bastard basketball player, don't pretend to be police and stand so close to our hero!

晋国小白: Like this, the guy who purchased 300 billion US home-loan should get 10 death sentences for criminal misconduct in a public office. [The guy in question is former Premier Wen Jiabao - Multipletext]

红狼W: After the sentence, the public no longer believe his [Xi Jinping] talks on mass line or anti-corruption. How long a regime can survive without public support? Heaven knows. [We also know: It's days are numbered - Multipletext]

你的生命比我的名字更重要:Dear comrades, I'm outraged and cannot hold back my tears, because I feel I have been betrayed by an organisation that I defended for 30 years.

我爱祖国YY13:This government doesn't let people speak their mind. Such a regime can't last much longer.

巫术之熊:Open trial, fairness and justice, what jokes they made ...

今日缚住苍龙:In tears I'm waiting for the end of this era ....

***带路党飞天松狐:This government has already been deserted by people. It's just a matter of time for it to collapse. [习近平是伪君子、李克强是真小人,王岐山的中纪委就是当代盖世太保 - Multipletext]

**心的关注: This is not the end. We'll never forget the tears in Bo Xilai's eyes, for which we wipe away our tears and prepare to fight.


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