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Who Is the Protector of China's Corrupted Officials?

19 October 2013

The long-held practice of secret banking in Switzerland is to end after the Swiss government on October 15 signed up to an international convention on cooperating with foreign tax authorities. The move paves the way for the Swiss banks to share the tax information of their evasive clients with other countries. According to China's online media The Observer, in the past ten years, about 3 trillion yuans of capital illegally flew out of China, with the majority of them entered Switzerland.

When the news hit China's social media, question was asked by a great number of cyber users: Do the trillion yuans in the Swiss banks include $2.7 billion under the name of former premier Wen Jiabao and his family members? And the next frequently asked question is that when Xi Jinping government denies Chinese people an universal basic health care and considers to delay the retirement age for workers for around 5 to 15 years, all in the excuse of short of public fund, why it makes no attempt to recover 3 trillion yuans stolen by the corrupted officials and businessmen?

The answer was provided almost immediately by those who watched the TV news lately.

In a program raving an exaggerated praise on President Xi Jinping's late father, Wen Jiabao was interviewed by the state media. To Bo Xilai's supporters - that according to an online poll by an anti-Bo & pro-Wall Street website called Wangyi count for more than 90% of the general population - this is a hard proof that Xi Jinping and Wen Jiabao are in the same boat.

It may perfectly explain why Wen Jiabao got desperate in his campaign to destroy Bo Xilai and why Xi Jinping unyieldingly refuses to investigate Wen Jiabao:

Wen Jiabao needs Xi Jinping to be on the top job to protect him after he stepped down from the office and Xi Jinping needs to repay Wen Jiabao's favour after he secured the top job.

While the Wall Street needs the both men to protect their China interest and the both men need the US regime to protect their position in China, the deal was reached and the plot to destroy Bo Xilai was set up.

Here is what a Chinese said: This is a clear cut evidence on how Xi Jinping teamed up with the corrupted gang in the government framing up Bo Xilai who dared to stand up to the US regime and the Wall Street in his battle defending the interest of the Chinese people.


What Chinese Say about Xi Jinping and his persecution of Bo Xilai:


Anyone urging me to support that guy [Xi Jinping] who has forced me to consume GMO and locked Mr Bo Xilai in jail will be regarded by me as a paid advocator.



Without capturing that big tiger [i.e. the corrupted former premier Wen Jiabao], no matter how many corrupted officials you've persecuted, I don't believe you are sincere when you talk about anti-corruption; without cleaning up all wrong charges against contemporary national hero Yue Fei [Bo Xilai], no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to win back people's heart; without renouncing the unfair relationship with the US that has condemned China to a semi-colonial status, no matter what you do, Chinese public will never stand by your side.



Whether for a party or a person, if he wishes to gain support from the mass, he should support and protect people and national interest first. Without doing that, he has no right to demand a public support, nor will he obtain it. When you mainly serve the interest of the US regime and the wealthy elites, you are actually the one that people should kick you out of the public office.



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