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When Chinese President Xi Jinping Talked about Legal justice

15 October 2013

Chinese President Xi Jinping: We must deal with people's complaints fairly in accordance with the law, and let people see justice in action in each legal case.

独**10:The actor [Wen Jiabao] just left, a whore comes in. They are basically the birds of the same feather.

网事春秋**:Where is the justice in the Bo Xilai trial?

**包装克:Shame on Xi Jinping! He can lie to your face without blushing.

山野村姑: The puppet emperor's new clothes has gone after being stripped naked by the public.

dovinglee: Are we still in Fool's Day?

圣贤**:You just need to get used to his bullshit. He [Xi Jinping] is the guy who can do nothing except bluffing.

得意的笑:Anyone who is liked by the mass will be prosecuted by Xi Jinping. That is his Mass Line.

1qt1962: Without the trial, we wouldn't know how dignified Bo Xilai is; without life sentence, we wouldn't realise what sacrifice Bo Xilai has made for us.

共产幽灵: For the people he loves dearly, Bo Xilai prepares to stay behind bars forever.

dashui: The trial of Bo Xilai scares the hell out of me. What if tomorrow somebody claims that my house actually belongs to a corrupted official? The government will have the right to confiscate my property by force and I'll become homeless.

董纪云:$500 trillion investment on the US home-loans are going to go with the smoke. Should the entire members in the previous State Council [headed by Wen Jiabao and Li Keqiang - Multipletext] go to jail for that?

**移民加拿大:The nephew of a premier [Wen Jiabao - Multipletext] has snatched a plot of the most profitable land in the heard of Sanya CBD in Hainan Province then sold it to someone else. Without spending one cent, he earned hundreds of millions of yuans. Yet he is not charged while his crime warrants the death penalty.

要战便站在:[Wen Jiabao]'s corruption has already been exposed by the world media but there is nothing happening to him. No investigation, no inquiry, just a statement of denial, and then he has been cleaned of all allegations of corruption. This is the premier of our country, how pathetic it is!

天涯孤客夏循龙:It baffles the hell out of me, just what that guy [Xi Jinping's father] is?

[Xi Jinping government spent public funds to hold a lavish birthday party for his deceased father, which is a manner that reminds Chinese public of what usurpers in the history usually did for their humble ancestors. - Multipletext]

一根半筋级别:Because he's somebody's father.

大漠湖杨:Just like that woman [Peng Liyuan - Multipletext] who has been elevated to a dazzling height because of her husband.

**道人:What a family.

雾里开花:Wang Lijun said he had completed regular procedure before visiting the US Consulate. Who helped him complete the procedure? This is the key to the Bo Xilai trial. Why there was no question asked by the persecutor?

木兰代父从军:He offered to bite his former comrade like a mad dog [when facing ruthless interrogation by the corrupted Discipline Committee - Multipletext], in the end he has still been tortured to becoming cripple.

中国y农民:China has two giants lately: Chairman Mao and Bo Xilai.

小小环球乱纷纷:The authority does not allow people to comment on the Bo Xilai trial but hired the online mercenary to fake the public opinion. Just for this, you'll know for sure the whole incident is a set up.

adwords: The man of honesty is in jail while the swindler gets a top job. This is China's reality.

当过兵的:Bo Xilai failed but he is still a hero.

PSZpsz正义之剑:They can completely ignore the law and the overwhelming public opinion of the 1.3 billion people in the Bo Xilai trial, clearly they've lost all sense. These guys are marching towards hell.

回家回家回家:Don't get upset, you [Bo Xilai] must get used to being China's Nelson Mandela.

[When you recalled how the dictator and West's old lapdog Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore labeled Xi Jinping China's Nelson Mandela, don't you feel it's very repulsive? - Multipletext]

PSZpsz正义之剑:9.22 is the watershed.

sbdks: They sentenced Bo Xilai to life imprisonment so they can take away his political rights. They are afraid he would speak in public again. What they are so afraid of if he speaks?

马甲大:Dares the authority to conduct an public opinion poll on the Bo Xilai trial?

上海江江: They certainly dare not.

清江版**: People's amy should stand by people's will.

[The People's Liberation Army should not stand by a treacherous regime that is selling the interest of the nation and acting against people's will - Multipletext]

退无可退: I want my child to know this incident ... no matter how much he might be able to understand ... there will be a day when we'll see ....

中间一分子:The last Ming Emperor hung himself on a tree.

凡庸**: Xi Jinping may end up same way.

正常思考:China Loong (龙) needs two eyes, and Mr Bo Xilai offered himself as the one for which he sacrificed himself and his family. Now let's stand up to be the Loong's another eye!


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