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Massive public Support for Bo xilai's Appeal

11 October 2013

On the day when Bo Xilai was sentenced to life imprisonment, the first tropical cyclone in the year hit China ravaged a construction side in the southern coast where a pair of grand Buddha statues were frustrated . After the atrocity, the Buddhas were found having lowered their heads as if in deep disappointment and sadness.

The cyclone was officially named 天兔, meaning Celestial Rabbit. When placing the character celestial above the character rabbit you get character "冤“ for "injustice", thus the incident is widely interpreted by Chinese public as a sign of heaven's wrath over Chinese authority's persecution of a good man.

Yet the Shandong judges, who sold their principle and soul to the seven men in the rundown temple and thought they got a bargain deal for high position and abundant wealth, were utterly unaware that the divine punishment had already begun. That night these pathetic idiots lit fireworks to celebrate their murderous act.

This is the Jinan Intermediate Court with a judge trained in the United States.


The following are what Chinese mass said about Bo Xilai's appeal:

毛猴大哥*:What's the difference between the initial trial and the appeal? The former was pushed into process by his enemy while the latter was kicked off by him. It is a statement to declare his innocence and a signal shot calling for the counteroffensive against the treacherous gang.

- He launched appeal to let the world know his objection to the unjust verdict.

红侠0100: I object the evil verdict too.

司马平邦: He rejects the verdict because he is a true bloke.

消灭法西斯:The majority of Chinese people reject the verdict.

沥泉枪-归来:There is no way a great hero like him would bow his head before a group of clowns.

仙洲畸子:His decision to launch appeal is not just for himself but for his supporters, for his beloved CCP, for the nation and for the country.

潭柳:He is a real bloke while those convicted him are just a bunch of jokes.

熙来雨511: When he stood, he was a pillar of nation; after he fell, he is a mountain that his enemies are unable to get across.

野墨RX1POLO:His resistance exhibits the power of faith.

明亮**: In the initial trial, he chose not to expose the sinister plot behind the whole drama for the sake of helping his former comrades to save face. But his kindness was heartlessly exploited. However, the day to lay bare the truth will not be too distant.

这一路多坎坷22回来: I'm a veteran CCP member for 16 years. I want to let the Central Committee know I object the verdict. Who shall I contact with?

怪**顽童*:For the interest of Chinese people and for the survival of the CCP, Bo Xilai should say what he ought to say. Don't help cover up those guys' dirty ass.

**deguo******: They thought they could hold their Third Session of 18th Central Committee peacefully? Dream on!

夜**山**: Bo Xilai is innocent. This is a political persecution and can only be resolved through political negotiations.

堤上红棉柳:If they still do not let Bo Xilai's wife face cross examination in the court hearing this time, people will know instantly the appeal is a farce.

刀马旦归来5: They may once gain conduct open trial through weibo, because they know from their last experiment they can modify the content and delay the publication of the record.

laozu: My colleague said to me: how can a trial be unjust when it is an open hearing. I replied: In the ancient time Premier Zhao Gao forced the officials to call a deer horse, and he did it publicly.

伟大领袖人民爱:The appeal hearing must be done through live broadcast on television and let public witness the process, otherwise, this will only be seen as another instance of legal injustice.

毛猴大哥K:To declare Bo Xilai is not guilty is the last opportunity for this government to reconcile with people.

双鹰河——**: A hero's facial expression and internal spirit are not what the media whores can comprehend.

[Phoenix Hong Kong Channel is financially supported by the Chinese government and run by a veteran military officer from the mainland. It was the only Hong Kong TV channel allowed to broadcast in the parts of mainland while it has near zero viewing rate among Hong Kong audience. Over the years, the accusations against the Phoenix were heard from time to time, with the most shocking one claiming that the CEO Liu makes the station a secret escort agency providing sexual services to China's high ranking government officials visiting Hong Kong. - Multipletext]

**子弟兵: No one else but Xi Jinping is the real decision maker on the Bo Xilai's court case. This is the fact. We shall not be fooled.

潜龙**:Xi Jinping likes to dream, and he can dream as much as he likes. But we are not interested in sharing his dream.

*钟:The so-called anti-corruption campaign has become a convenient tool for Xi Jinping to eliminate his political rivals.

**子弟兵: Since the reform began, China's political ruling group lost ability to think logically. The main evidence of corruption is a house in France, but the house was owned by someone else, yet Bo is still guilty. [While Wang Qishan is free from investigation and punishment even though his family has a luxury property in the US that is under his wife's name. - Multipletext]

State News: President of the Supreme Court Zhou Qiang emphasised that Chinese courts must prevent wrong verdict from being delivered, and when injustice is found, the mistake must be rectified.

大明湖冷月: Jinan trial is the biggest injustice in today's China, if you don't rectify the verdict, all you said are just bullshit.

今夜无眠: I chatted with my friends from legal sector about Bo Xilai trial and they said with such flawed chain of evidence, the judge handed down a life sentence, it was clearly an abuse of the law. From legal perspective, the appeal hearing should declare the defendant not guilty.

沥泉枪-归来:Those who tried Bo Xilai should show the people they are able to turn a crime ridden rundown city into a prosperous and harmonious metropolitan in five years. If they can't, release Bo Xilai and let him do his job.

[Li Keqiang created AIDS villages in five years when running Henan Province, Xi Jinping created Yuanhua corruption scandals involving largest smuggling ring in five years when running Fujian Province. To be honest, these two should be tried by Bo Xilai not other way around, 李克强用五年时间在河南搞出个惨绝人寰的爱滋村,习近平用五年时间在福建搞出个震惊中外的远华案。- Multipletext]

***大背头:When you consider Wen Jiabao's only son now becomes an opium addict, you feel much better already. Once his dad lost all magic influence, what will left for this drug addict?


卢麒元:美国财政减少支出和增加税收的空间有限,唯一的选择就是强化美元。不过美国人仍然惧怕骤然通缩,他们的金融体系仍然脆弱。现在看来,温和通缩几乎是唯一选择。美国要实现温和通缩,需要中国全力配合。“四万亿”的3.0版本就是量身定制的经济政策。有些人太卑劣,心里面没有祖国。 孙锡良:原来那批人摆出了更嚣张、立体化的架势,坐看戏的进展!

Multipletext: 习近平、李克强、王岐山、刘鹤、周小川、厉以宁、邓扑方、温家宝、邓楠、吴敬琏、茅于轼、胡德平、孙政才等都是一根贪腐买办藤上的一串蚂蚱,无论他们是打着共产党的旗帜还是喊着普世宪政的口号。他们的共同靠山是美国政府,他们的共同主子是国际资本,他们的共同敌人是坚持独立共富道路的薄熙来及其体制内外的支持者。不要对买办们控制的司法体系和舆论机器报任何幻想。这群人已经完全不顾民族利益,已经公开和中国人民为敌


Bo Xilai smiled in scorn at the Jinan court, because he knew public support and history is with him not with Xi Jinping.

An unyielding Bo Xilai in the Jinan court, because his faith is kept intact while Xi Jinping has betrayed his father's faith (if he indeed had one as his son claimed) and the people in China.

Below are two wonderful poems praising the national hero:






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