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Chain of Evidence on Wang Qishan's Corruption

10 October 2013

A luxury overseas property that is reported to belong to the family of China's Central Discipline boss

This luxury mansion situated at San Francisco's Silicon Valley in Northern California, United States, is reported by various overseas Chinese language websites (such as and as a private property under the name of Yao Mingshan (姚明珊). Yao is the wife of Wang Qishan (王岐山), the boss of China's notorious Central Discipline Committee that decided Bo Xilai must receive a life sentence mainly based on a luxury property in France that is not even under Bo's wife's name.

Note, and are the websites at the very frontline of an anti-Bo Xilai media campaign, so if you argue this allegation is Bo Xilai camp's fight back, few would believe you.

Now let's face it. If Bo Xilai should stay behind bars for life just because he once had a fleeting glance at the picture of the luxury property that his wife did not own, what the punishment Wang Qishan should receive for the luxury property his wife does own?

Of course, China's Foreign Ministry may once again issue a solemn statement denouncing the reports as a baseless rumour and a malicious attack on Chinese government and Chinese people (LOL, they really know how to use Chinese people as human shield to keep themselves safe from the world criticism). But hang on, since the Jinan trial of Bo Xilai, a new set of legal rule has been invented in China, which is called "chain of evidence" with Chinese characteristics.

It basically goes like this: If A has a house and once said he would give this house to a friend, then his friend legally owns this house, regardless whether his friend is allowed to set her foot in the property. And if the friend's partner once saw the photo of the house at his home, then this house also legally belongs to the partner, even though he may have no idea whose house it is.

Can Wang Qishan prove he has never seen the photo of this luxury mansion at home?


More Crimes Committed by China's CCP Discipline Committee & Procuratorate

During the interrogation, 5 committee members and a persecutor from Procuratorate forced the man to admit the crimes he was accused of. As the man insisted his innocence, the 6 interrogators tortured the man by repeatedly submerging his face in a ice water tub which eventually caused the victim to die of drowning.

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