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The Titanic Endeavour of a Shenzhen Newspaper's Anti-China Campaign

6 January 2013

- When a deadly earthquake struck a mainly Qiang & Tibetan ethnic minority region in Sichuan Province in 2008 in which nearly 70,000 people dead and over a quarter million injured, the Shenzhen Newspaper (Southern Metropolis Daily to be specific) published an article written by Zhu Xueqin, a history professor from Shanghai Fudan University, in which he gloated over the suffering of the victims by saying that it was Heaven's punishment, and the punishment that Chinese nation fully deserves.

- On the day of the 10th anniversary of the 9.11, an incident that even a sizable Americans suspect might not be a simple terrorist attack as so claimed by the US authority, the Shenzhen Newspaper utilized the full front page to convey its firm believe in Washington's tale of Muslim terror, and declared "Tonight, We Are All Americans". A week late, on the 80th anniversary of 9.18, the day when many cities sounded sirens to commemorate start of Japanese invasion of China, the newspaper utterly ignored the event, instead its editor Xu made a dirty joke on his microblog, laughing at the humiliation that the Chinese women experienced in the hands of fascist Japanese.

- Former Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara is a neo-nazi ultra right wing Japanese politician, who denies Japan's war crimes committed in China and other Asian countries during the WWII, yet the Shenzhen newspaper would try to defend this war-criminal sympathisers' anti-China and anti-humanity stance in its weekly issue published on October 2010.

- 为洋酒打开市场故意抹黑中国白酒,造谣中国人喝酒等于喝酒精+水+塑化剂.

- 2010年,美国《新闻周刊》进行拍卖。南方报业集团与其洽购,却遭一口回绝,并且指出“不是价格原因。” 后来,该刊物以一美元价格卖给美国私人。南方周末总编向熹就此事回应记者道:“卖方不真正了解中国有理想的媒体人、媒体机构的愿望”.



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