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” - The Chinese Character of the Year

5 January 2013

Some Chinese cyber residents voted "“ as the Chinese character that they believe could best reflect the main character of China in 2012.

"“ can both be used as noun or verb. As a noun it associates with many different things, including wrist watches (手表,名表) and the relationship between cousins who do not share the same surname (表哥,表叔). Lately, it also refers to a government official wearing expensive brand watches (e.g. Chongqing police chief He Ting 何挺 and Chongqing mayor Sun Zhengcai 孙政才). As a verb, the character means acting (表演), either for artistic purpose or political objective (like what Premier Wen Jiabao did with his tears, words and umbrellas) or pledge (of allegiance to those in power, 表衷心, such as what Peopledaily, Chongqingdaily and so and so did after Wen-Li State Council's political prosecution of Bo Xilai.)

When a pair of public servants in Chongqing are found to have many private brand-watches, and when the servants last night once again let their men summon some Chongqing-based influential online IDs to police station where the masters were demanded to pledge allegiance to the servants, i.e. to pretend to be blind when they see watches, what else can you call the guys apart from addressing, with heartfelt respect, the police chief as 表哥 (Watchbrother) and the mayor as 表叔 (Watchuncle)?


What Chinese Say

About mayor Sun Zhengcai and police chief He Ting's neo-fascist rule in Chongqing:









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