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Chinese People Sent Their Best New Year's Wishes to Bo Xilai and His Family
And Vow to Keep Fighting for His Freedom

3 January 2013

A short message was circulating in China's cyberspace on the eve of the new year 2013, issuing a stern warning to those in government power: "If Bo Xilai is well, we'll be the law-abiding citizens; if anything untoward happens to him, we will become insurgents!"

夜*巴山**: 薄安,春花烂漫;薄危,血沃中华,决无其它选项!

毛猴**: 肺腑之言,为官者当慎思之!

On the night of December 31, 2012, a red banner raised high in the dark sky of Chinese capital city around the area of the West 3rd Ring Road. On the banner there were six large Chinese characters "Bravo, Bo Xilai".

An online message stated, "everyone would have some new year's wishes, but I believe the biggest wish of many of us will be the same, that is to see our hero return home and resume his service to the nation!"

This girl posted her photo online in which she says a prayer for her hero Bo Xilai.

This group of people from Shenzhen posted their photo online in which they unfold a banner with a message that condemns the unlawful and malicious prosecution of Bo Xilai.

A Chongqing resident sent his/her new year's best wishes to Bo Xilai through Internet:

Sir, happy new year (love, love, love) we love you (toast, toast, toast) we miss you (toast, toast, toast) we love the ginkgo trees [planted when Bo Xilai was the mayor] (love, love, love) we'll protect the clean water in the rivers [as Bo Xilai urged before leaving Chongqing] (love, love, love) Sir, Sir, happy new year (love, love, love) we wait for your return (love, love, love)

This is a scene in Chongqing CBD captured by Chongqing resident Wan Qiuyun on the Christmas eve. The message on the red banner formed by shining heart-shaped objects reads "Mr Bo, we miss you".

However, Ms Wan Qiuyun was arrested at the scene by Chongqing police, a law-enforcement body led by a man who has many expensive brand watches and an unsolved triple-murder case with an implication of police corruption in his old post in Qinghai Province.

Wan Qiuyun is a young woman with extraordinary courage.

Before her brief arrest, she participated an online movement called "万民伞“ Umbrella Formed by Ten Thousand Citizens, and was one of thousands who posted their real name and personal photo along side the image of Bo Xilai on Internet to declare their support for the dismissed politician; during her detention, she refused to compromise her stance, and once released, she resumed her online campaign for the innocent. And she is now viewed by many as the contemporary Jiangjie, a Chongqing heroine who fought for the course of a socialist new China and died for her faith on the eve of the establishment of the PRC.

Of course, Jiangjie's sacrifice must not be repeated and will not be repeated. Or, millions heads will roll.



When he left his post as Dalian mayor, residents flocking into streets to say goodbye to him; when he left his post as Commerce Minister, his colleagues packed the hall to sing a farewell song with him; and when he failed to return to his post in Chongqing after the botched "Two Conferences", people in Chongqing and all over China launched online campaigns demanding the top leadership to let him resume his work.

The man who is deeply loved and dearly missed by Chinese people is Bo Xilai.

And the momentum of the support campaign is now stronger than ever.

Zen master Xuecheng once said:


When you have people in your mind, you are in people's heart. And you will never be left alone.

Message on the banner says "Mr Bo, Internet Red Army forever support you".

Dai Cheng (戴诚), The man in white shirt from Changzhou, is the initiator of the online campaign called "Umbrella formed by Ten Thousands of Citizens (万民伞)", that has attracted thousands of brave hearts to participate by standing up to openly declare their support or Bo Xilai.

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