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2012 Year in Review (Part 1)

2 December 2013

Act I: Pre 14 March, Ferocious wind from the West (西风烈)

Act I, Scene I: Premier Wen Jiabao's Rural Land Reform

China's agriculture and food security face a serious challenge due to Wen-Li State Council's attempt to enforce rural land circulation to prolong China's real estate bubble and pave the way for a large scale GMO farming, which is a remedy equivalent to quench one's thirst by drinking pesticide.

Act I, Scene II: State Council's Privatisation Rush

The State Council summoned dozens of departmental heads to work on privatising over 20 state-owned enterprises, amounted at 50 trillion yuans of business assets and 100 trillion yuans of financial assets, equivalent to 400,000 for each Chinese family.

Act I, Scene III: Premier Wen Jiabao's Top-level Design

A genuine democracy [as China once experienced during the first 30 years in PRC's history] should allow the majority of people in the nation to participate in the design of the leadership structure. Those calling for the top-level design should go online to see what 99% of Chinese think. To conclude, we need no top-level design, but decent guys in the top-level who can provide moral example for the people who lead. That would be enough to save our civilization.

Act I, Scene IV: Premier Wen's Promotion of His Own Son

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's son Wen Yunsong Becomes the Director of China Satellite Communication Corp.

Act I, Scene V: One Man's Battle Against the World Bank

The global capitalist parasites have spotted a new host, the only relatively healthy and robust economy in today's world. They've worked together with the infected cells (Li Keqiang in particular) and made a detailed plan to turn that country into their new "promised land" in about 20 years. Thus a young Chinese scholar stormed the news conference jointly held by Chinese authority and World Bank President Robert Zoelick on Tuesday, 28 February 2012, with a statement in which he accuses Zoelick of bringing toxic proposal to poison Chinese economy.


2012 Year in Review

Reference for Act I, II, III

Why Chinese People Feel Lost in Direction?


Multipletext: 因为有人要浑水摸鱼。

Why the State Council's Reform Is A Hoax?




Why China Is Facing A Grave Dander?





Why Chongqing Model Is the Last Hope for China

Only when China all follow Chongqing's example and work on getting rich together, China's reform will have future. Otherwise we are heading to the dead end.

Reference for Act I, Scene IV

Wen Jiabao's Reform Aims to Benefit His Own Family

Reference for Act I, Scene V

The 99% Vs the 1% in the US

The 1% capitalists are loyal to no one. They are going to take all the money they extracted from the old host and find a new host for their capital if needed.

What Chinese Say about the World Bank Chief Zoelick's China Visit

During the recent 100 years, China has tried all sorts of systems, including the capitalism based on the Western model when China was ruled by the Nationalist Government. Nothing worked, and China's situation worsened from being a semi-colony of foreign powers to a nation nearly fully occupied by its small neighbour. Finally it reached the point when bloodshed and revolution became inevitable. Then the land reform took place and the state enterprises established - the two crucial measures eventually helped China to recover and flourish in a short time span of just 60 years.

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