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Miss Wang Zhen, China's Joan of Arc

25 January 2013

She Is Young, She Is Pretty, She Is an Associate Professor at a Beijing university and She can easily Find Herself A Comfortable spot in China's Exclusive Elite club. But She Decided to put her career Advancement, Financial security even personal freedom on the line to Stand up and speak out for the truth she pursues and the course she believes in.

Shortly after the illegal detention of Bo Xilai, Wang Zhen publicly condemned it as a political persecution, and went alone to the Beijing Police Bureau questioning the legality of the case. She was arrested, briefly, suspended from her academic job, for a long period, and her online presence was prohibited from time to time. Yet she can not be silenced. About two weeks ago, she began her new campaign to secure Bo Xilai's release by sending her appeals directly to China's top leader Xi Jinping.

In her statement she declared that she would mail Xi Jinping a letter each day until March 14, the day one year ago when Premier Wen Jiabao openly attacked Bo Xilai and the Chongqing model at a press conference, the day one year ago when Bo Xilai's wife Gu Kailai was taken away without informing her family, the day one year ago when Bo Xilai was placed under house arrest without charge, ane the day one year ago when Bo Xilai became the icon of China's resistance movement.

So far Wang Zhen received no response from Xi Jinping and her online copies of the letters were repeatedly deleted by various cyber administrative regimes which by now are still controlled by Wen Jiabao's personal spin doctor - the State Council Information Office.

However, Wang Zhen has become the leader of China's mass democracy movement in her own right, that demands the Government to respect the Constitution, to free political prisoner Bo Xilai and to investigate corruption and high treason allegations against some high officials at the top level of the government.

The following is our interpretation of the main points in Wang Zhen's first letter to Xi Jinping:

Chinese government must respect Chinese institution

The new leadership can begin to do the right thing by renouncing the illegal prosecution of Bo Xilai and the people associated with him.

It is determined by people not Government in terms of who are good officials

Who are the good official is a matter for people not other government officials to decide.

Public trust in the new leadership could be lost if the prosecution of Bo Xilai continues

If Bo Xilai is not freed from unlawful detention and cleaned of the fabricated charges, the remaining trust that Chinese public has in the new leadership, which is already very thin, could disappear completely.

A new political force will emerge in China if Bo Xilai is not rehabilitated

If the top leadership fails to restore Bo Xilai to his position, a new Communist Party with Bo Xilai as its spiritual leader could emerge pretty soon, since according to Chinese Constitution, it is legal to form a new political entity, provided it does not challenge the Communist Party's leadership and avert China's socialist path. In other word, if the new CCP is proven to be a much genuine CCP comparing to the one in the power that advocates privatisation, serves the rich few and bows to foreign pressure, then once again, according to Chinese Constitution, it is the genuien CCP not the fake one with the legitimacy to lead China.

Below is the eighth letter that Wang Zhen mailed to Xi Jinping: Bo Xilai is the victim of the political persecution and to continue prosecute him is unlawful.

Below is the tenth letter that Wang Zhen posted to Xi Jinping: To get rich together is a way to bring back the Chinese Constitution.


What Chinese Say

China's online community hailed Wang Zhen as a national hero:


You are contemporary Qiujin (An anti-Manchu colonial rule female warrior in the turn of the 20th century), and you are a true heroine!


Miss Wang is a saint, Bo Xilai is also a saint, only saint can truly understand the mind and heart of another saint, and the mind and the heart of the saints can draw response from the Heaven and the Earth.


Salute Professor Wang!


Miss Wang, from you we see the hope of China.


This young lady will definitely go down history as a national heroine.


Wang Zhen support Bo Xilai, so I support Wang Zhen!

What Chinese Say

To China's new top leader Xi Jinping:


An entire Chinese Constitution can be summarised into one phrase which is "to serve the people". Anyone who rejects to follow this path has in effect breached the Constitution.


Chinese people has delivered a verdict: Bo Xilai is not gulty.


Clean the false charges against Bo Xilai and let him return to work. The nation and the people need him.


I will donate my money for supporting China's war against Japan! I will donate my life for supporting Bo Xilai!

*分化:没选择的余地, 3月之后,继续关押薄王谷,就是同谋,就是犯罪,道理很明白,妥协是有界限的,过界就变质了.



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