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Premiers' Dividends from China Reform

25 January 2013


For the past ten years, China is virtually ruled by a premier whose family becomes super rich during his premiership.


While the call to investigate his highly questionable handling of China's financial affairs, and amidst the public uproar over China's sky-rock high housing prices, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao made repeated effort to turn his colossal failure into his accomplishment, and proclaimed that his achievement in the last ten years will go down history as shining example of success.

In the mean while, the new allegations keep emerging, exposing the reasons behind China's soaring property price and why the State Council failed to cool down the property market. It has a lot to do with Wen Jiahong (温家宏), many claimed. Wen Jiahong is Premier Wen Jiabao's brother and the biggest beneficiary of China's 4 trillion yuans of stimulus package. According to China's state news agency, Evergrande Real Estate Group, of which Wen Jiahong is the biggest shareholder, reported an 1,142% of sales growth in the first half of 2010 comparing to the same period the previous year, and was ranked as the top performer in China's property industry.

Also in the news was money laundering accusation against Premier Wen Jiabao's son Wen Yunsong (温云松) and his brother Wen Jiahong. A surveillance official from China Bank revealed that Liu Hao (刘浩), who was promoted to head the China Development Bank's Hong Kong Branch by Wen Jiabao, was asked by Wen's son and brother to help them transfer their huge assets, that they collected from Ping An Insurance, to overseas. That is how Liu Hao went on to forge a Ping An deal with Thailand's Charoen Pokphand Group (Chia Tai Group) and was eventually caught by China Banking Regulatory Commission(CBRC).


In the next ten years, China is in a grave danger of being sold at a whole sale price by the premier-wanna-be, a man who would do anything in order to secure a top position in a ruling regime, whether it is a Chinese one or a foreign one.



Wen Jiabao-Li Keqiang administration is evidently one of the worst regimes in Chinese history.

Will the same story be retold in the next decade? Or even worse?


What Chinese Say

About Chinese government that is controlled by Wen Jiabao-Li Keqiang plus a manipulative family of late leader Deng Xiaoping and the two big-mouthed and dummy-headed sons of deposed state head Hu Yaobang:

僧是愚氓犹可训 妖为鬼蜮必成灾

匹责: 中国现在的政权具有鲜明的黑社会性质。真正的中国共产党人...靠边站了。而所谓顶层人物,不过是傀儡和被牵线的木偶。躲在幕后操控那些木偶的既无任何党政名分,也无任何革命和建设的功劳,仅凭偷鸡摸狗的家族遗毒和遗留的恶势力,就全盘操控了这个国家的党政军的一切权力。

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