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Pollution, the Biggest Dividend of China Reform

25 January 2013

今日呼唤孙大圣 只缘妖雾又重来

It was the second time in the new year of 2013 when Chinese capital Beijing was shrouded in a fog of pollution. Also submerged in the murky clouds is Chinese Premier We Jiabao's hometown Tianjin. In some areas, the visibility was less than 200m.

Many Chinese believe the disturbing natural phenomenon is the manifestation of the evil spirits that at the moment have possessed the top leadership of Chinese government, in particular the offices of premier and the first vice premier.


Beijing, a city seriously contaminated


Pollution, the biggest dividend from the so-called "open reform"


Because ever since Deng Xiaoping era, China's economic development has been solely driven by get-rich-quick schemes.




As the result, China's mountains are scared with countless mining pits and holes;





China's rivers are stained with obnoxious colours.




But China's Premier-Wanna-Be Li Keqiang is craving more dividend from the land - his urbanization rush is a recipe for generating more toxic living environment for Chinese people. Of course, he couldn't care less - did he ever care when entire members in some Henan villages infected with HIV while he was the governor, apart from pressing media not to report the incidents? And as a vice premier in charge of food safety has he ever apologised to Chinese people over China's food scandals involving toxic chemical substances, except letting his spin doctors tell the public that the toxin is in fact harmless?


What Chinese Say

About the Chongqing's clear sky:

While Beijing where Wen Jiabao lives and Tian where Wen Jiabao grew up were repeatedly covered in a murky haze, people in Chongqing, where Wen's political enemy Bo Xilai once worked, enjoy a blue sky, since the acid air is effectively absorbed by gingko trees that were massively planted under Bo Xilai's leadership.

皮皮: 今天,最愚钝的中国人都在雾霾中被迫开始了思考:厚德载雾,自强不吸,谁把我变成了人肉吸尘器?;前人栽树,后人乘凉,重庆的银杏树告诉今天的重庆人,不止乘凉,还可驱雾避祸。置身雾霾之外的重庆人也都在思考,该感谢谁呢?一场雾霾来得正是时候。雾霾不是雾,是污染;不是天灾,是人祸,是天谴。没有30年改革开放断子绝孙式的高速发展,哪来今天的天怒人怨?

What Chinese Say

About Beijing's dirty atmosphere:

许*国: 知道为什么中国上空阴霾不散吗?我来泄露一下天机:27姨妈地球人都知道,就是不去处理,这伤天理灭人伦应该凌迟的事不去处理,天怒人怨,结果就是现在的现象了。人在做,天在看,薄案一公布,苍天垂泪,与某巨贪相比,阴霾和垂泪,就是天地之间的差别!老天永远是公正的!

Do you know why the foul mists keep lingering on the land of China? Let me reveal the secret to you: everyone on the planet knows about the story of $27 billion family assets, but Chinese government has no intention to investigate. That angers people which in terms affects the air surrounded us.

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