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2012 Year in review (2)

17 January 2013

长空鸦叫霜晨月 Under the morning moon in season of frost, The cry from a crow is heard -

A plot to frame Bo Xilai and Chongqing, the leader of and the base for resisting the onslaught from the West wind, was put into action -

Act II, Scene I: Outlaws in the Marsh

Bo Xilai's police chief Wang Lijun was tricked into the US consulate in Chengdu and subsequently arrested by a special force sent from Beijing.

Act II, Scene II: Premier Wen Jiabao's 3.14 Coup

Wen Jiabao's Press Conference on March 14 was ranked by China's mainstream media as 2012's second most important news video.

The following are some explanations on why this ultra tedious, dull and vicious talk would become the hot subject of passionate talk in China:

Grey Wolf: It was the time when Wen Jiabao's evil nature fully revealed.

Conscience: There was never anybody in the CCP's history who was more unscrupulous than the man with $27 billion hidden treasures [i.e. Wen Jiabao].

Lulu: March 14 is the day when countless Chinese people began to discover this old thug's true colour.

My Heart Holds You Up: March 14 is the day when I found out who is villain and who is hero, and I started to go online to support the good man [Bo Xilai].

Red Sun in Heart: It is the time when the US' secret agent in Chinese government exposed his real identity.

Sister Wu: It is March 14 that led me look beyond my immediate circumstance to see the big national picture and eventually became a fighter.

Xilai Return: That day made many people bravely stand up and speak out.

Flowers Fall: Wen Jiabao ought to look hard at how Ping An Insurance, Chinese satellites and Diamond Jewellery come to associate to his family.

Grassroots It's bloody hard to find a man who would be more shameless than Wen Jiabao.

Student Li: That day after heard what he said about Bo Xilai's Chongqing, I smashed many items at home.

Dictator: A thief cries to stop thief. He has that kind of guts to completely ignore the opinion of 1.3 billion people. If anyone needs to go hell, Wen Jiabao will be the best candidate, no question about that.

Coarse Clothes:March 14 is the day that changed my life. After an initial shock, I came to terms and decided to fight against him. An old man suddenly showed his true face that is so vicious, so spiteful, which turned our previously peaceful life up side down. He will go down history as one of the most nasty pieces of work in China.

Village Home Accommodation: The time bomb of the NYT is gonna explode in 3 months ....

Time Plug: The comments are the most fascinating. All speak their minds. Me too. I wasn't interest in politics and cared nothing about Left or Right, but the March 14 pushed me into the Left camp.

Spread Message:Wen Jiabao is a traitor but likes to pretend that he cares about Chinese people.

Night Traveler: Ten years suffering under Wen Jiabao's reign, you wanna me thank him for that?

Bright China: After looking hard into March 14 incident for nearly a year, I've reached following conclusions: Bo Xilai, Bo's wife Gu Kailai and Bo's police chief Wang Lijun are all innocent, since so far there is no convincing evidence to prove they are guilty of anything; it is the $27 billion hidden family treasure that Wen Jiabao really needs to look hard into and give an answer for; it is the corruption accusations against new Chongqing Mayor Sun Zhengcai and his police chief He Ting regarding their numerous brand watches that require a hard look and thorough investigation.

Showdown: It is not Bo Xilai but Wen Jiabao who ends up as a loser. Now where can he go? America? Go there to launch a law suit against the NYT over the $27 Billion corruption allegations? Come on!

Attitude: It is during the time when Bo Xilai worked in the Commerce Ministry, he became the Wen Jiabao's major political enemy.

Hua: Because Bo stood in the way of Wen's GMO leap. When later Bo Xilai rented farms in Brazil to grow organic crops for Chongqing residents and declined to purchase US GM soybeans, his fate was sealed.


Act I: Ferocious wind from the West (西风烈)

Act I, Scene I: Premier Wen Jiabao's Rural Land Reform
Act I, Scene II: State Council's Privatisation Rush
Act I, Scene III: Premier Wen Jiabao's Top-level Design
Act I, Scene IV: Premier Wen's Promotion of His Own Son
Act I, Scene V: One Man's Battle Against the World Bank


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