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Southern News Corp's Financial Scandal

12 January 2013

Southern News Corp, an official government mouthpiece that is financially funded by the state, is exposed to run massive deficit amounted at over one billion RMB. In the meantime, it keeps ordering expensive red wine (about 900 RMB a bottle) for its news crew.

This is what a Chinese Netizen has to say:

Southern News Corp says their tacit agreement with Premier Wen Jiabao over the years has been broken by the new Communication Minister, which is why they have to find some excuse to drive him away.

Here is what Beijing Daily has to say:



Li Keqiang and an Anti-China Magazine

A formal editor of an anti-China magazine called Freezing Point, that was shut down by government amid public uproar, disclosed a cozy relationship between Premier-wanna-be Li Keqiang and his press:

Once Li Keqiang came to our office. When he passed by my room, he walked in and said to me, "Datong, your Freezing Point is now in hot water." I greened at him, "You're such a busy man, how come you still have time to read Freezing Point?" "I read every issue!" Li replied.


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