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Chongqing Developers
Hired Hatchet men
to Bash up Homeowners
over Demolition Dispute (2)

12 January 2013

wusiaolin1987: Why those developers committed violent crimes against the citizens are allowed to continue their business?

Brother Fa: I wonder if Xi Jinping heard the news.

Hu Semi-clairvoyant: After Bo Xilai left, Chongqing just goes backward to dark ages.

Liu Wanhong: Who is backing the violent developers?

Old Dare: They are backed by the local government.

Old Fisherman's Territory: Under the reign of two Watchmen, Chongqing's reality is just like hell.

Born Teatable: They rehabilitated the criminals so criminals return to commit crimes.

Are Your the Saver Invited by Monkey: The genuine government officials left, a bunch of thieves come to occupy their offices.

Xiang River's Guardian: Chongqing criminal gangs are all freed and free to do what they want.

Cottage in Meteor Rain: What can you say when Chongqing is actually ruled by gangsters [with brand watches].

Weibo with Attitude: How can you let people in Chongqing not miss Bo Xilai?

Nothing Is Impossible: Blast, we wouldn't have such awful thing happening if Bo Xilai were still here.

Light Cloud: Since Chongqing police dais installed by Wang Lijun were all demolished, the criminal gangs turn up on streets in broad daylight. Is this supposed to be a Chongqing with normal social order as claimed by [criminal allied - Multipletext] litigators?

Happy Little Representative: What do you expect after Bo Xilai left Chongqing?

Sweet Melonski: Where are the Southern News Corp guys who love to defend the Chongqing criminals? [为黑社会、恶讼棍、贪官、买办、国贼及汉奸媒体站台的公鸡母鸡们以为在鸡窝里找到了金条,却发现原来是一堆比整个世界更有粪量的鸡屎 - Multipletext]

Loner: Today in a bank I heard a middle aged woman cursing loudly, saying her purse was stolen as soon as the police dais was gone - that area used to be quiet safe before.

Snow in June: China's bubble prosperity are almost entirely based on land trading.

shina1212: Without Bo Xilai, can we still safely live in Chongqing?

Painter Big Zhu: Can you find a property developer who is not both associated with violent criminal gangs and corrupt government officials?

Love China: As those who do real job were prosecuted, the criminals take the control of the city again.

Sir VI: Li Zhuang, it's time for you to work with your criminal allies again.

Hell's Crack: This is a brave new world brought to us by the new Chongqing government!

Cat Eye: Criminal gangs now become the symbol of Chongqing.

West to Yellow Hill: Now we are yet to rehabilitate the criminals in full, wait until that day come - we will find a more normal social order in Chongqing: a full blown of civil riot.

li keqiang's forced demolition

Teacher 2012: [Li Keqiang's] urbanization is merely a face saving project!

Question Heaven: The capitalists gonna go rural to rob farmers' land! In the past it is indigenous capitalists exploiting peasants, now the multinationals move in! The end for Chinese farmers is near.

12319393: The end of the day is also near. Historically in China the peasants uprisings were always prompted by land disputes.

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