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Chongqing Developers
Hired Hatchet men
to Bash up Homeowners
over Demolition Dispute (1)

12 January 2013

chongqing forced demolition

This is one of a series of photos that taken by cameraman-from-56-website at the scene, exposing how on Wednesday a group of thugs hired by a Chongqing property developer armed with clubs and bashed up the owners of a private residence who refused a home-demolition deal. The head of the family received serious injuries and is still in coma at hospital.

Here are what some Chinese said about this incident -

Dreaming Cultivator: Those rouge litigators, open you f**king eyes to see what the criminal gangs are doing in Chongqing right now.

People's Soldier: Chongqing governor Sun Zhengcai and Police chief He Ting, for the sake of the huge amount of money you guys [illegally - Multipletext] collected from people that allowed you to purchase so many expensive brand watches, should you at lease repay the favour by doing your jobs properly?

More What Chinese Say

About this atrocity against the homeowners in Chongqing -

Flood: Chongqing police bureau fails to do its job and its chief [He Ting] should be dismissed for neglecting his duty.

Peach: In fact, Chongqing Government and the property developers are working together [and are equally guilty of this violent crime - Multipletext] happily.

You Light the Universe: Chongqing has fully returned to the animal kingdom state [as it used to be under the rule of He Guoqiang (贺国强) and Wang Yang before Bo Xilai came]

Happy Birthday: The bastard government! Can't you just do something [about the property developers and criminal gangs]? You just collect the money from us but do nothing!

Seek Truth: Eventually Chongqing residents resume a normal life that means to be bashed up by the criminal gangs at your own home. [police chief He Ting once attacked an orderly Chongqing under Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun as socially abnormal - Multipletext]

Knife Falls: Watchman He Ting, is this what you meant regarding a normal social order? I f**k your eight generations of ancestors!

Knife Returns: People will remember what they have done.

I Wanna Do Window Shopping: Police chief He Ting, get lost if you can't do the job.

Qiqi's Happy 2012: Let Bo Xilai back to Chongqing!

Dark Blue: The so-called socialism with "Chinese characteristic" is just horrifying.

Celestial Jade: Both Chongqing's governor and police chief are nothing but crooks!

Rwanda Fish: If Wang Lijun were here, the evil developers would certainly be prosecuted.

Lost Bow: Those thugs who defended the Chongqing criminals prosecuted by Wang Lijun's law enforcement body, as you are the patrons of the devils, don't keep silent over atrocity, say something.

Sima Pingbang: Since the felons wore red band, they must belong to a government organization, and since they used white clubs, they must be hired by a criminal gang.

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chongqing leaders past and present

Chongqing Governors: Past and Present

Past (Bo Xilai): listened to people's voice in order to resolve problems;

Present (Sun Zhencai): silence people's voice in order to cover up crimes.


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