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An Eyewitness' Account of
Southern News Corp Guys' Protest Campaign
in the Front of Their Office Building
on January 9, 2013

10 January 2013

Today I decided to take a look at how Southern Metropolis' News Corp will stage its protest.

When I approach the scene, I spot a big crowd gathering before the front gate of its office building

But, wait a minute, something doesn't seem right ...

Then .... from the corners of my eyes I register some human-shaped figures

Ar ha, here they are, the brave-hearted Southern News Corp guys! They somehow decide to remain a low profile on a footpath near a bus stop, leaving the eyeball grabbing central stage to their sworn enemies - the patriotic leftists.

The audacious patriots have a loud speaker, shouting slogans from time to time, and the onlookers follow their lead, also shout patriotic slogans with them, which is quite outrageous. And they sing the "red" songs too!

The Southern News guys, who are staunch believers of the universal value defined by a belligerent Washington, just keep a dignified silence.

In the first glance, the News guy group seemed to have an acceptable crowd mass, however, when a bus comes, a big chunk of the crowd just leave the universal value about privatisation and free market for the public transport run by Chinese state.

There was an elderly man surrounded by police. He was explaining to the officers what the essence of Southern News guys's universal ethic values is. They put their own words into my mouth and distorted the facts altogether when reported the forced demolition incident, he said, indignantly. Finally, the old man advised the police officers to study Chairman Mao work and learn how to respect truth.

While the old man educated the police, a middle aged man told me how the universal value guys lost their ground to the patriots. On the first day, that central stage was the home ground to the News Corp's protest demonstration; but on the second day, a few patriotic leftists carrying a couple of red flags and two or three placards occupied the spot before the News Corp staff turned up. Despite the universal guys overwhelmed the patriots in number and despite many of them are outrageously bold in making lies and inflicting insults with their pens, they are, after all, just petty bourgeois and half-baked intellectuals, trademarked with cowardice in real life, thus abandoned the high ground without fight and lingered on the sideways. On the third day, gosh, the left wing patriots came in a force and with a loud speaker - what do you expect the poor News guys to respond then?

When taking a history lesson on a territory dispute, all of a sudden I heard a young guy from the patriotic crowd yelling at the universal group, "Hi mate, don't be so quiet, shout some slogans and sing a song - sing "The Star-Spangled Banner", come on, I've got my recorder ready -"


The message on the patriots' banner read: Democracy of capitalist style is for the small group of capitalists; only democracy of genuine socialist style will bring the true democracy to the majority of working people.

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