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Heroes Paean
to the Guardians of Peace
Who Are Facing Trial by the Tyrants & Traitors

8 September 2012

The hero leapt out of the trench, like a streak of lightning flashing across the heaven.

英雄赞歌 殷秀梅

Hero Paean
Singer: Yin Xiumei

This is a theme song of Chinese film The Heroic Sons and Daughters of China ("英雄儿女") which is based on a true story in the Korean War. During a crucial battle with the US troops, a Chinese soldier leapt out of his trench and used his own body to help his comrades-in-arms identify the enemy targets.

Yin Xiumei was one of the best sopranos in China.

The Full River Is Red


When the earth burned, you fought fire with flame; when the sky fell, you held it up with your arm.

When your blood was shed, it nourished the land in which flowers will thrive while spring arrives.

You were the guardians of peace who kept away the bloodthirsty beasts.

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