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Full River Red in Chongqing

8 September 2012


During the trial of a Gu Kailai's imposter, a section of the Great Wall in the outskirts of Beijing collapsed in a storm. Now in the days leading up to the trial of Wang Lijun, Bo Xilai's police chief, the portion of Yangtze River in Chongqing turned bloody red. So far, the cause of this colour revolution is still yet to be determined, because after all possibilities are eliminated, there is only one left but that is the one which the Beijing authority and China's science occult members are unable to comprehend.

However, Chinese Netizens are not afraid to speak the truth:


- In today's China, right means wrong while wrong is right.

- China's criminal organization shall reward Hu, Wen Jiabao [and that eunuch Zhang Dejiang - the new chief of Chongqing] with a medal "the Friends of Mafia".

- This is the full scale of retaliation from the criminal society against the law and order.

Hero Paean


What Chinese Say

About the full river is red in Chongqing:

山**歌 :



鬼神惊,天地变,基事对状,人间有事! 六月雪,江“流血”,天降谶,国多舛。可惜天朝作家多于狗,唯独关汉卿没有。现版《窦娥寃》写出传不朽。满江红!天地在发出怒吼



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