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An Untold Tale of Sherlock Holmes
Newly Discovered in Chinese

A Bogus Murder Case (1): Mrs Boswell

3 September 2012

Even the most published authors can have writings that remain unpublished, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of the Sherlock Holmes legend, is one of such authors. 82 years after his death in 1930, an unpublished Sherlock Holmes story was discovered in China. The problem is that the new adventure was revealed to a Chinese language teacher pennamed Shellstone Homes in 11 of his dreams over two weeks, and each time when he woke up from the dual-language dream, he could only remember the Chinese version but not the English one, so he published the story in Chinese alone.

However since nowadays learning Chinese is in such a big fashion - not only the former Australian Prime Minister writes his mini blog in Chinese on a regular basis, but the former US President George Bush's younger brother would also bother to get someone to translate his English mini blog into Chinese - so we reckon it shall be okay for us to just republish the English Holmes discovered by Chinese Homes in Chinese text with English abstract.

The whole story has eleven chapters and the below is the introduction of the the first chapter [all English introductions to this story are produced by Multipletext]:

Dr. Watson received a phone call from Sherlock Holmes whom he had seen little of lately. The seasoned detective rewarded himself with a long overseas holiday and if not because of an urgent telegraph calling for help, he would keep lying on a Turkish blue beach sunbathing.

When Dr. Watson stepped into their once shared lodgings in Baker Street, he was swiftly waved to an armchair by the host and thrown over a sheet of paper which had been lying upon the table. It was a telegraph with the following message:

"Dear Mr. Holmes, Mrs Boswell has been put on trial for murder. We suspect there could be a massive conspiracy behind the incident and the trial may have an influence upon British history. Please come back without delay! We need your hand! Britain needs your hand! Your friend Stevens."

Dr. Watson knew well of this case. Mrs Boswell had been detained for over three months and a hearing was held in July in a Blackpool Local Court. So when Holmes inquired his opinions on the matter, Dr. Watson immediately expressed his serious concerns:

"To start with, Holmes, Mrs Boswell was born into a noble family, studied laws in the University of London, once ran a law firm and was highly regarded and widely respected in the legal field. However, for not to disturb her husband's political career, she quietly closed her well established business. Clearly this is a woman who is willing to sacrifice her own interest for the man she loves, hence it is very hard to imagine she would put her husband's political life at risk by killing someone for the sake of money? After all, she used to be a highly-paid lawyer and had a well-paid high official husband, she's not short of money. Besides, even she indeed had financial disputes with that foreigner Nil Hidewood, does that mean she had to kill him to resolve the problem? With her husband's influence, if she so chose, she could easily help Hidewood to make as much money as he should desire. True, corruption is a crime, but murder is even a bigger crime - any fool can grasp this simple fact and the woman as intelligent as Mrs Boswell would not be able to see the difference?"

Holmes lifted one of his eyebrows. "Oh, Watson my dear friend, I thought the happy married life and a well-run medical practice have absorbed all your attention, but it looks you have been following Mrs Boswell's case all the way. Go on, please, you must have other doubts in your mind as well."

"Yes I do. I've paid close attention to this case right from the beginning, my dear Holmes, and how could I not to?" Dr Watson continued with aroused passion. "The whole Britain and even the entire world are watching the trial of the century. Come to think of it, Mr Boswell was the mayor of Bristol but was placed under house arrest a month before the murder charge laid against his wife. As you probably aware, since Mr Boswell became Bristol mayor, in just three or four years, he has transformed a chaotic and rundown inland city into a secure, livable and environmentally sustainable modern metropolitan with the fastest economic development in the country. His success reignited people's hope to restore the glory of the British Empire. But now he lost his post, his freedom and is about to lose his wife too. All those who care about the Britain's future are worried sick of what lies ahead of our country; and all those who care about Mr Boswell's fate are following closely Mrs Boswell's trial.

"Speaking of the murder of Hidewood, Mrs Boswell could have many recourses at her disposal, for example, she could let someone kill him in a rob-murder incident in another city, or in a staged traffic accident, or by making him fall off the roof, or by drowning him when he swam in a pool .... too many options. Yet, she used none of them but chose the most silly method - she invited her victim to the city in the charge of her husband, she openly went to her victim's hotel room under camera surveillance and personally fed the poor man with toxic substance - tell you what, Holmes, I just fail to see any logic behind all these!"

Pacing the room with his head sunk upon his chest and a hand behind his back, Holmes listened attentively while kept smoking his pipe. When Dr. Watson finished his long speech, he paused his steps and remarked dryly: "What you've listed are indeed the keys to this case, Doctor, but you've overlooked one crucial factor: the background of the incident, that is the general election. In a few months of time, a new prime minister will be elected and Mr Boswell was the most popular candidate."

Dr. Watson suddenly saw the light and cried out: "I see, I see now, Holmes. Mrs Boswell could be framed by her husband's political rivals as a way to prevent him from becoming the next Prime Minister!"

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Below is the first chapter of the story in the original Chinese text written by Shellstone Homes:

离 奇 命 案



Author: Shellstone Homes








“亲爱的福尔摩斯先生,贝丽夫人因谋杀罪,正在接受审判。我们怀疑其中有重大阴谋,该案或许关系到整个英国的命运。您赶紧回来吧!我们需要您!英国需要您!您的朋友 斯蒂芬”













Readers' comments left on Shellstone Homes' Blog:





是离奇,太离奇了…… 不过始作俑者没好下场!!!



犀利呀 !!! 欲加之罪何患无辞!!但是历史最终一定会把这些汉奸败类政客钉在历史的审判台上 因为历史是老百姓写的














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