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Washington's Stands on the WWII Questioned

2 September 2012

Chinese journalist Ran Wei (冉维) questioned Washington's stands on the WWII in relation to Japan's refusal to return its war trophy Diaoyu Islands back to China after its unconditional surrender as a defeated fascist nation.

US regime claims that it will help defend any territory under Japanese administration. Does that mean if Japan once again invades China, Koreas, Singapore, Thailand and even Australia, and put their territories under its administration, the US will help defend Japanese rule in its occupied countries?

If so then the US military presence is a real threat to the sovereignty of all nations in the Pacific region.

What Chinese Say to President Hu Jinbao

创新才会赢 (





I urge you:

1) Defend the South Sea like you would do to the Midsouth Sea [the office compound of the central government]

2) Take Diaoyu Islands as seriously as you would do to the Diaoyu Dais [the VIP meeting quarter in the Midsouth Sea]

3) Resolve the territory disputes as effectively as you would do to the property demolition disputes.


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