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New Generation of Chinese Mainly Born in the 80s & the 90s View Mao Zedong As Their Supreme Leader

21 September 2012

In Beijing's 9.18 rally in commemoration of the 81st anniversary of Japan's military invasion of China's northeast region and to protest Japan's refusal to withdraw from its occupied land (the Diaoyu Islands and the Ryukyu Islands) after its unconditional surrender when suffering a total defeat, memories to PRC's founding father Mao Zedong and the demand to prosecute the contemporary foreign collaborators were two dominant themes. Here is one of the numerous tributes emerged during the demonstration:

毛泽东,你曾是一个青年, 高举着民族解放的刀戟;
毛泽东,你仍是一个青年, 高举着民族独立的大旗;
毛泽东,你永远是一个青年, 高举着民族未来的火炬!
(by 暂时无派)

Mao Zedong, you were once a young man who lifted his sword to liberate the nation;
Mao Zedong, you are still a young man who raises high the flag of the independent nation;
Mao Zedong, you'll always be a young man who upholds the torch to illuminate the future of the nation.



黎阳 (


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