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Double Act

1 September 2012

Merkel: The sun in the West is sinking fast, what are you looking at?

Wen: I'm looking for my impending reward from the incoming world government.

Merkel: Poor guy, you have no idea what you have done, haven't you? You've messed up the whole thing in your clumsy way of bringing down your political rival; now not only you are regarded as a traitor by Chinese public, but the true colour of Li Keqiang and Wang Yang has also been exposed - for godness sake, they are the West's next best bid to render China in our preferred colour. Your reward? Forget! You'll be extremely lucky if you can escape the punishment.




What Chinese Say About Premier Wen Jiabao



His treacherous act has almost outraged everyone now. Tonight I had a dinner with a few of my PLA General friends, as well as some local government officials and businessmen, and we talked about the wretched reality in China. Everyone contributed it to that traitor. It seems a consensus has already been reached among the general public and the military forces ...



Yes, he is now passionately hated by so many people in China and I believe he will be forced to pay the price.



Despite his superb acting skills, his performance can convince very few. Anyone in his position with slightest self respect will resign long ago.



I don't believe a people with thousands years of patriotic tradition will allow traitors to run wild in this country.



Autumn is here, how long the summer insects can keep active?



People should have a right to get rid of the traitors [a right was granted by China's Constitution but was taken away in the recent decades after the top consultant bodies are dominated by those with foreign connections]



With the highly developed information superhighway, there will be no safe heaven for the traitors. People will hunt them down no matter where they are.



It's time for real blokes to stand up and take actions against the traitors.



He's not the only one. There are bunches over there - all know how to act, all are cold-blooded, all are unscrupulous.



More and more people within and outside the system start to wake up to the reality and a well coordinated alliance resisting the Wall Street hegemony through the world government is forming.



Looking back in history, when coming to a historical turning point, the situation could overturn very fast, almost overnight.


将军拔剑南天起,我做长风绕战旗!- 小凤仙

When the General draws his sword, I'll carry the flag charging forward.



A Chinese driver on Chinese road - high speed progress

Germany, U.K. Reported To Secretly Aid Syrian Rebels

While Iran's territorial integrity and security as a sovereign country is strategically important to the peace and economic wellbeing in the region, of the world and in particular to China, Syria's territorial integrity and security as a sovereign country is strategically important to Iran's peace and economic wellbeing. Therefore to help resolve not stir up Syria crisis is vital to China's national interest.

Now German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to Beijing asking for financial assistance and she got the cheque, but what she has done to repay the favour?

The U.N. observers have just failed their mission to monitor the violence in Syria, do you know why? The reports from the British and German press believe German government led by Angela Merkel and UK regime under David Cameron have a lot to answer for, because spies from Germany and the U.K. are secretly helping Syria's rebel forces topple legitimate Bashar al-Assad government.

According to Germany's Bild am Sonntag newspaper, a German navy vessel off the coast of Syria has been providing militant rebels loyal to the foreign powers in the West with information about the location of Syria's government forces. The ship is equipped with gear that allows it to observe Syrian troops moving up to 375 miles inland. The information gathered is then passed along to rebel troops via conduits in U.S. and British intelligence services.

Apart from the war ship, German intelligence agents also station in nearby Adana, Turkey [Sounds familiar? That was how German and Turks worked together during the WWI and WWII] monitoring phone calls and radio communications in Syria [those are the same governments who would dare to condemn Wikileaks].

"We can be proud of the significant contribution we are making to the fall of the Assad regime," an official from Germany's BND foreign intelligence service reportedly told the paper [How coward that none of the Wikileaks volunteers and supporters has guts to say the same thing about the war monger regimes in the US and in many other Western countries.].






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