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The descendants of the war criminals pursue the victims

17 September 2012

On Saturday, some militant Japanese held a rowdy demonstration, vowing to kill Chinese and fuck Koreans.


While Nazi Germany's war criminals are pursued and prosecuted by their victims and almost all governments in the West, and their descendents sincerely apologized for the past sins committed by their ancestors, Fascist Japanese war criminals were honoured in shrines, and their descendants are pursuing and prosecuting the descents of their victims.

Why these people dare to be so audacious and reckless? The answer is as plain as the nose on Hillary or Obama's face: they are militarily supported by the US regime.

Chinese Rally against Japan


Awesome Japanese wisdom:

Now the Diaoyu Islands is mine, cvz it's placed on my bike while my bike is secured with a train while the train is tied to a bollard while the bollard is as tough as US military force.

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