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Chinese Demonstration against Japanese Aggression

17 September 2012

This baby spent half of its life living in a socially secure and spiritually upbeat Chongqing when Bo Xilai was the chief and another half of its life living under the rule of Zhang Dejiang who has allowed the terror to return to the city by prosecuting good police officers and rehabilitating the convicted criminals.

But the baby is confident that since it is much younger than Zhang thus will certainly have a chance to once again live in a city that is free of spiteful eunuchs and organized criminals.

Spontaneous demonstrations broke out in more than 50 Chinese cities over the weekend, protesting against Japan's unlawful trading of China's Diaoyu Islands.

But many Chinese believe that Japanese - a pitiful and desperate people who are yet to recover (and may never will) from a catastrophe at a titanic scale caused both by an earthquake and by their secret pursuit of nuclear weapons - are not the only ones to blame: their masters in US and their collaborators in China are equally responsible for this explosive situation.

During the anti-Japanese rally, Chongqing residents urged the government to follow Bo Xilai's path that is to help people get rich together and to defend China's territorial, economic, political and cultural integrity.

Some young men climbed onto a high ground to unfold banners with messages that reflect the spirit of Bo Xilai, and some girls draped flags promoting the five aspirations which Bo Xilai once shared with his people.

Chongqing is not alone. The similar sentiment could be observed across the country over the weekend. Chinese want to see the return of a Mao Zedong-style government that serves the interest, not of the foreign powers, but of its own nation; not of the minority elites, but of the majority people in the community.

Yes, there were some dark spots during the protests, with car smashing and shop burning incidents occurred in a few occasions. According to some sources, on Sunday night Shenzhen police arrested two looting organizers who were found to have entered the town from Hong Kong. The items and a large amount of US money notes uncovered from their luggage prove the pair's link to a certain force overseas that is believed to be behind the riot.

Descendants of War Criminals Pursue Victims


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