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From Arab's Spring to America's Fall

15 September 2012

Three protesters were killed as crowds attempt to storm US, German, UK embassies in Sudan (RT, AFP Photo/Ashraf Shazly)

Three killed, 40 injured as protesters try to break into US embassy in Tunis ( RT, PHOTO, VIDEO)

US embassy in Tunis (Photo:

One killed, dozens injured as protesters try to break into US embassy in Yemen ( RT, PHOTO,



Who Genetically modified the U.S. Jasmine?

The Ungrateful Libyans burned the US jasmine and killed the American gardener, who helped planted and cultivated the beautiful though artificial & poisonous GM flower, on the 11th anniversary of 9.11 building burning incident.


US jasmine, oh so fair!
US jasmine, oh so fair!
Budding and blooming in spring
Here and there,
The value of purity and fragrance
That universally declare.
Then Autumn comes
With a cold spell,
Flowers fall in the mud,
No one seems to care;
Rumours of its poisonous nature
Widely spread.
It's so unfair, oh so unfair!

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