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Fang Zhongyan Vs Wen Jiabao

7 August 2012

Fan Zhongyan (范仲淹), one of China's best known literature giants and good officials, is Gu Kailai's maternal side ancestor. About a month ago, half a dozen peasant workers were found kneeling before his statue in Henan Province, begging him to help them to get their wages back from their boss.

When Wen Jiabao freshly ascended to premiership, he staged a public show by personally urging the businessmen to pay their workers' labour on time. But ten years later, failing to pay in right amount and/or on time by the employers to their employees in the private enterprises is still a wide spread problem in China - we can only presume that Wen Jiabao is either incapable of doing his job or being part of the problems due to his wicked and immoral economic & workplace relations reform.

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求范仲淹帮忙讨薪 心酸


When Fan Zhongyan worked as the vice director of government performance review panel (右司谏) in North Song's capital Kaifeng (Henan province), once half of the city was soaked in water after a heavy fall and refugees were every where in the town, yet the premier and his state council (丞相府) did nothing to help. Thus Fan Zhongyan went out of his way to urge the emperor to come up with an emergency relief program. It was a difficult task, and no officials liked to take on this extra job, except Fan Zhongyan. When he accomplished his mission and reported to the emperor, he handed over wild herbs that were used as daily meals by the refugees, and asked the privileged to experience the bitter taste.

Beijing's Tiananmen Square on 21 July, 2012

A man mourns the 77 victims perished in the Beijing storm last month with a message printed on the front of his T-shirt: Step Down If You Can't Do Your Job.

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