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What Chinese People Say
About the Bogus Murder Trial (3)

7 August 2012

- Is the trial of innocent Chinese citizen Gu Kailai part of London Olympics farce [A way to make the opium-drug-obsessed, spy-espionage-preoccupied, media-liars-congregated, sports-achievement-deficient and gold-medal-deprived British imperial elites feel a bit better about themselves. ]?

- We've now had a devil [wen-shen in Chinese pronunciation] that only occurs in every 60 years. [The current Chinese administration habitually labels the natural disasters as "only occurs in every 50 (or 100, or 500 or 1000) years" to make excuse for its botched preparation and/or rescue efforts - Multipletext]

- It is a political power struggle initiated by corrupted officials [like Wen Jiabao, Li Keqiang, Wang Yang and more ...] but we people and the nation are the ones to foot the bill.

- Placing the trial in Anhui Province highlights Li Keqiang & Wang Yang's roles in the persecution of Bo Xilai and his family. [Vice Premier and Premier-wanna-be Li Keqiang is now nicknamed "Cockroach" (小强,蟑螂) by Chinese Netizens for his persistent presence that messes up China's political scene both physically and spiritually - Multipletext]

- Under Premier Wen's rule, China's food market is full of toxic baby formula, toxic medical tablets, toxic pork meat and recycled cocking oil, while he himself and his family get special food supply ....... Does anyone think a man like this qualified to be premier?

- They took away Bo Xilai's freedom nearly a month before they said they found his wife has problems. [This is a classic mafia style execution of a member trying to challenge the internal rule - Multipletext]

- Thanks to the political persecution by a bad regime, Bo Xilai will rise up to the occasion and become a truly great statesman.

- Majority people in China are suspicious of the claim about the Bogus case, so if Wen-Hu cannot present hard evidence publicly, they'll go down history as villains with the negative impact extended to their descendants.

- I'd rather to believe that black coal could be transformed into white snow and white snow could be transformed into electricity than to believe Gu Kailai even killed anyone.

- Wen-Hu are the idiots in managing the state affairs but genius in power struggle.

- Premier Wen Jiabao must answer the following questions: Why under your rule so many people died in detention centre allegedly by playing the game of hide-and-seek, by drinking plain water, by washing their face, or during sleep and during shower?

- You delete so many comments to the news related to Bogus case, but can you delete people's heart and mind?

- We demand a televised open trial!

- If they dare not to put it for open trial, it is a prove that it is a trump up case.

- We demand to put Wen Jiabao's wife Wen-Zhang Peili on trial.

- Why Wen-Zhang Peili is not on trial yet?

- By persecuting the family of their political opponents, they've condemned their own descendants to a doomed situation.

- Wang Lijun must present on the trial publicly.

- Heaven will respond to people's grief.

- Crime novel XX Spy Agency was published in 2009 that describes how CIA works with criminal organizations, corrupt officials and US spies in China, which accurately reflects today's reality. I wonder how the author knows so well.

- Wen Jiabao must declare his family assets!

- They're carving up public assets and robbing China empty. They are thieves and bandits.

- Clearly now nobody believes anything this regime says about the Bogus trial, otherwise there will be no need to block the online comments.

- There is a collection of the materials related to the Bogus case which proves Heywood cannot be murdered which shows it is a politically motivated conspiracy.

- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao wants British to help him to frame Gu Kailai. Since lately the UK government seemed to be less keen, so he went to Argentina using territory issues to blackmail Britain. Is that not true?

- Remember, in Internet age, it is not regime's spin doctors but grassroots people writing the history.

- No wonder China's reputation is so bad in the world, what can you expect when we have unscrupulous leaders like these?

- Heaven is furious because people are angry with this government.

- It is not a trial, it is political persecution!

- Why delete ten thousands of comments on this news?

- If today you put Gu Kailai on trial, tomorrow you will face the trial by the people.

- We'll support Bo Xilai and his family until the end. We are not afraid of being harassed by police!!

- One more time Wen Jiabao's gang laugh, one more warrior join the insurance army.

- The treacherous premier will be made to knee before the statues of the heroes forever.

- After reading hundreds of comments, I see the hope for China. Chinese people cannot be fooled and will not sit aside watching the criminal gangs in the high office to claim victory.

Fan Zhongyan Vs Wen Jiabao


2002-2012: 红色中国泛黄发白变黑的十年,温家罪不可赦,胡氏难辞其咎。


What Chinese Say

About Wen-Hu regime and their political persecution of Bo Xilai and his family:



It is obvious that Bo Xilai has won the hearts of people and PLA, while Hu is supported by corrupted officials and Wen is backed by the foreign powers wishing to take China down.

安玛 :



The public opinion is on Bo Xilai's side which is a fact that won't go away through internet censorship by the authority. To the contrary, the need to silence the online voice only proves that public support is not with Hu-Wen regime.











当今的中国,表面上光鲜亮丽强大无比,实则是外强中干,不仅各个产业的关键技术掌握在别人手里,甚至一些国计民生的经济命脉已经被人渗透操控... 面对这般险恶的国际困局,稍有不慎,将遭遇灭顶之灾。






中共党内, 看到中共危机的, 是被撤职的拨西来.




如果没有王立军薄熙来的事件,我相信中国百分之八十以上的人还沉浸在温的精彩演技里,这其中也包括我,曾几何时,我也为这一届政府叫好... 咱们先打住,还是说说我是怎么看出温演砸这出大戏的!

我且问你,你开始不是说 王立军事件是一个孤立事件吗?怎么又突然就开始连坐了?薄古开来她的身份证上是这个名字吗?如果不是为什么你要在新闻中特别用这个名字?薄熙来先生的重庆线也非一朝一夕了,你那么后知后觉?

退一步说,如果王立军真叛国了,该他薄来负责,那我且问你,那个铁道部的刘大贪该谁来反思和负责啊?那个死去的“英国商人”的母亲以及家属几次在媒体辟谣说是正常死亡,咱们的媒体怎么就不对这个消息辟谣呢?既然 已经掌握了确凿证据,为什么迟迟不发布呢?如果没有确凿的证据证明谷开来杀人,就那样给人家拘留看押起来了?甚至连说话 的权利都没有?这就是标致着中国的法制建设的进步吗?


咱们再说说针对所谓的谣诼,高铁事故你信誓旦旦说你卧床不起一十一天,可是偏偏有谣诼说你在这一十一天里老忙了,会见这个接见那个了,这么有损你光辉形象的谣诼你怎么不澄清一下王力军事件网间风传是接到了上头的电话去的领事馆,这么有杀伤力的情况你怎么也不予以说明呢?外媒报道某国家安全局的高级领导的秘书是个美国间谍,这么能让人恐慌的谣诼也没有一个人出来辟谣?还有很多很多让人沮丧的谣诼我就不一一列举了,问题的问题是,您的大戏演砸到了这种程度, 你让我拿什么还来相信你能带好我们的国家啊!

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