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2002-2012 under the current Chinese Administration:
A Golden Decade or Wasted 10 Years?

6 August 2012

At the moment China's state media outlets are instructed by their boss the State Council to trump up the last ten years as the Golden Decade.

Yet Chinese people think quite differently.

Below is a mini survey appeared on China's online social network, which asks the voters to give the verdict to that particular era. Majority of the responders regard the period as the golden age for the rich and the powerful but not for the the ordinary Chinese people.

Below is another online survey about China's reality. Nearly 60 percent of respondents consider under Wen Jiabao-Hu Jintao regime China has returned to a semi-capitalist and semi-colonist society as it once was under Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist Government before 1949.

How China descends to such a hellish dog shit situation?

The answer is quite self-evident. It is not only because Hu Jintao has a brother who reckons the Hu family as a royal household and jealously accuses others of trying to usurp Hu's reign; it is not only because Wen Jiabao has a mother who told his son to forgive what Japanese did to Chinese people before they acknowledge their crimes; it is, most importantly, also because Wen and Hu have top consultants like Fan Gang who famously said that the bottom line of the wealth distribution is to insure that the people won't revolt. In the other words, as long as people do not take armed uprising, the government and the elites can do whatever they want.

Following are other famous quotes from this top government consultant:

- 经济学家就是为利益集团服务的。(Economists are meant to serve the interest groups. )

- 经济学家就是应该不讲道德。(Economists should have no moral concerns. )

- 国有企业迟早要卖,既然如此,得先卖效益好的,不然,以后效益不好就没人要了。(State enterprises will have to be sold out sooner or later, so why not to sell it early for a good price?)

- 中国不会通货膨胀。(China will never have inflation. )

This sucker named Fan Gang is widely viewed by Chinese people as the one representing the interest of the Wall Street in China, but this year he has been further appointed to the position of the director of the economic reform body directly led by Wen Jiabao's State Council.


2002-2012: 红色中国泛黄发白变黑的十年,温家罪不可赦,胡氏难辞其咎。


A group of public servants comfortably sit behind the desks or hands out brochures to passers-by to promote Wen Jiabao government's "latest old age pension insurance policy", while right before the team on the ground is an old aged disabled woman begging around.

Please refer to China reality in 1940s.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao joins the chorus to sing "Aiya, Mama" when visiting Indonesia.

Wen no doubt is his mama's good boy, that every Chinese knows since he loves to let every Chinese know: He has extracted huge amount of assets from Chinese people for his mama's other son and grand sons and great grand sons; he honoured his 90-year old mama as China's top political consultant on international affairs when visiting Japan.

The message on the back of the bike cab in a Chinese street reads: Warmly celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of PRC. We poor people are all tearful whenever think of the founding father of the CCP and the great leader Chairman Mao. Unfortunately, after you left us, we are thrown back to the old bad days.

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